I have my first club match on the 19th at Lodge farm the rest of our matches are on the tidal river Trent, not a venue I can manage with the banks plus the walking involved so I'll wait until the last one this year that's to be fished on Bonsai in September.

My last visit was at Aston again & to say it was a disaster would be a bit of an understatement.
First mistake was to take only my pole on a day with the wind blowing 15 plus miles per hour, I could normally manage that but the gusts were at times 20. That's far too much for me to handle & after an hour not seeing bites with the pole tip dancing about like Michael Flatley I had to change tack.
I decided to put a small method on my pole, that did get me at least a few registrations I could see, elastic shot out of the tip a few times to dead maggot on the hook. I had a measly 10 fish all small Carp to 1lb.
Then the disasters started.
After landing a small Carp the wind blew over my roller, I picked it up & stuck the legs back in the ground but after checking my pole I had a small dink in the top end of my no6 with a small crack about an inch long 8" down from the joint.
It's a easy repair & though I could better spend the cash it's not like it's life threatening but in 40 years pole fishing by my reckoning this is the first time I've broken a section, I was fuming as with half an ounce of sense I would have used a feeder rod in windy conditions. So a early day it was.
My match is on Field at Lodge farm Saturday & it looks like being windy so it'll be my margin pole or feeder.
I had a bit of info on how it's been fishing & it doesn't sound too bad, I also had a few tips from a chap on here, he replied to a message from me asking for info so thanks to him. I need all the help I can get.
So I'll update next week, I am expecting my usual weight around 30lb but I normally just go blind to club matches but this time I have decent info so hoping for more as I allways do.
We shall see.

So the 19th arrived & as normally happens my club gives me the first peg, though no one ever complains a few that to be fair are not the best anglers do whisper amongst themselves, it's not like I'm a threat in angling terms.
I get peg one to avoid the steps, it was quite cold but the wind had eased & was blowing to the other end.
I started off tight to the reeds in the margin to the corner with meat feeding hemp & meat, the reeds were knocking & I thought I could get a fish or two but no action. So after an hour down the edge I cupped in a pot of 1/2 hemp & meat, I perhaps waited too long but with signs of fish there I expected a few indications.
My only other choice was the method with pellets & either a banded 6mm, meat or corn hook bait.
My first few casts close to the reeds about 20mtr down the end was getting the usual quick knocks & nudges but no proper bites on pellet so a change to meat with the same result. I tried corn with the same taps on the tip but no bites.
There was one of our bunch on 38 Mark one of our better anglers, he was also fishing in the margin I'd not seen him get anything but down the bank to his left a few were being caught. I had my back turned to the anglers on my bank so didn't know how they were doing.
My first fish was just over two hours in, a Carp around 5lb then I had another wait but still getting nudges & taps every cast. I had a drop in the margin swim with a hard pellet & had two Carp a pound each then nothing I changed to meat & was getting slow dips on the float but no fish, when I did get a hook up it was a Gudgeon! I just love em.
I fed the margin then back on the feeder, I was catching the odd Carp on hard pellet off & on until the whistle but I struggled poorly.
The match was won with 66lb odd of Bream & Carp on worm & caster then a change to pellet on pole at 10 mtr, second was 47lb of Bream on worm & caster pole 12 mtr, not sure about third.
I struggled to end with 16lb 4oz, my mate Les had 14lb so for a change he was behind me, that's the last couple he's let me beat him.
So September is next for me, I hope it's warmer.