So is anyone having trouble with getting proper bites when using method feeders, especially on small fish up to a pound.
Over the last couple of years at Aston I've had the tip being ripped around, but this year I was getting a lot of twitches but no real bites to speak of.
Are these line bites, I'm not so sure.
What convinced me was a match at Lindholme in April this year. From the first cast I made I was getting the dreaded twitch then a sharp tap then the tip just went motionless until I made a fresh cast when it started again.
I always thought the little taps were line bites, but as I watched the tip some taps were more like trembles than knocks followed by a quick tap if you know what I mean. I recon the fish were shaking the hook loose with the sharp rap.
I thought the twitches were the bite so reacted to the little knocks before the rap & connected to a small stocky F1 about 6oz. This happened for most fish I caught, the bigger fish of 2lb or so gave me the proper pull round but more often than not if I waited for a definite bite it never came.
Now I know this sounds barmy but I got second in the match with 26lb so there must be something in it & I'm sure had I picked up the twitch theory earlier on the day I could have got first on a day when most on the match were having it rough in the bad conditions.

Back at Aston the twitches were from Ide, I was getting the odd pull round from small Carp & real pulls around in the swims where the Barble seem to prefer to be. But the Ide were driving me crackers.
I know a lot of matches are won with Worm & caster long or maggot but to fish across with the pole but that is out of the question for me.
Some days the Ide will rag the tip round then on other days barely move it & my idea that the twitches were bites were wrong or at least I couldn't hit them if they were bites.
To turn the twitches into proper bite I tried a changed from the method to an inline scoop feeder because I thought the fish were wary of the method but the bites were the same, a change from pellet to ground bait didn't alter anything either.
The next visit I went with the scoop feeder idea but used what I normally use on the short pole, a very sloppy mix of pellet with crushed Hemp & bran. It's made by over soaking a tub of Halibut micros with a quarter tub of crushed Hemp, worked into a paste then adjust with water to a slop & add a handful of bran. It needs to be just firm enough to hold in the feeder with a 4mm pellet on a band.
This seems to get the Ide competing in the shallow water across because as soon as the feeder hit the water the Ide splash & roll like they do when catapulting maggots.
I don't think this would work in deeper water because I couldn't get a fish on it at Lodge Farm on Signal & that's deep water with plenty of Ide. The match I fished there was a bit dire for me 16lb for 5th which surprised me when 66lb won.
The Barble at Aston seem to like the slop too I don't know if it's the Halibut pellet in the mix or the Hemp but they go crazy at times.
I still believe the trembling tip type bites from F1s at Lindholme are not liners & a lot of the time when it's been hit or miss could just be me not knowing what is a bite & whats a liner.
But the Ide at Aston are still making me a little mad, sometimes they hang themselves another time they are quite shy.
It could be I'm way off the mark but that would be nothing new, I'm used to that.