The last match this year fished at Lindholme on Bonsai went not bad for me, I finished with 36lb 12oz for 3rd from peg two.
I fished my normal mini scoop feeder with micros & a banded 6mm pellet for small carp to 2lb. The match was won with 47lb odd, 39lb odd second.
This has been not a bad summer for me fish wise even if the weather has been nasty at times, especially at Aston.
Since breaking a pole section earlier in the year nearly all my time fishing as been spent on the feeder, I get through more feeders than hooks lately smashing them when they land if I get my prefered swim. I've asked at the tackle shop if he could make them more durable than the brittle plastic version he makes but no joy. But they are only a quid, the Preston ones being two quid, too big & just as brittle.
Since May I've had no need for any bait other than pellet at Aston on the feeder. But just lately it's been a bit hit & miss, around the beginning of August things really sempt to switch off so I've had to have a rethink. By all accounts the match results are getting up to and over 100lb, I know that's well beyond me but I still expect to catch a few.
I tried ground bait in the feeder instead of pellet with maggot, corn & meat but was still getting quite a slow reaction & no Ide but only small Carp & Barble. This was the trouble with the Ide missing my catch rate was reduced.
I've been having a few fish but the Ide seem to have left the area, as far as I was concerned anyway.
My next change proved more successful with chopped worm with the fishes reaction livening up. The only trouble with worm for me is the cost at £14 a kilo it was costing too much even though a kilo does me two trips, I needed a bit bigger feeder to hold a bit of worm plugged with ground bait so I had to change slightly.
By my reckoning the cost of bait is down to about £4, I buy a 1/4 kilo of worm for £4.50 that does me twice, so half of this plus 150mm of crushed hemp & 100 mm cup of pellet. The worm is chopped very fine then added to the hemp & pellet a handful of mole hill mixed in to a sloppy gunk, plugged with ground bait with worm on the hook.
I don't know if the fish are searching for the worm but the bites have really quickened & with the only piece of worm on the hook the only worm in the swim of any size.
I can't get anymore fish with worm than I was getting on the pellet but at least the the Ide have returned it was these fish that keep me busy.
The match results doesn't attract anglers though because for a venue with 60 pegs anglers seem reluctant to fish here, the most anglers I have seen on pond 5 through the summer is only ten. I can't believe it's because it's a quid more but I like it quiet.
Baring in mind it is £6 a day when it's a fiver at the other fishery past KJS but his pellets are £2 for about 400g at the other place which to me is excessive, where as here it's any pellet & any method in reason.
I fished a match on Lanta this year & had a bad day with the ramps down to the platforms & not many fish but I won't fish there again because of his pellet rule but I doubt he'll miss my cash. I'll stick to here when I'm on my own.
So no more club matches for me this year, but plenty more pleasure days I'm sure.