This all started by my pal asking me if I knew anything of drop shot fishing one day in the pub, I was truly stumped but said I'd look into it.

For anyone who doesn't know it's a method of lure fishing for in my case for Perch. The method involves basically fishing a lure with a weight resting on bottom and imparting motion to the lure by twitching the rod tip at the same time moving the rig slowly by a very slow retrieve.

Now me being me I decided after a few trips using what tackle I had I'd buy the correct gear for the job.
First a Fox rage ultron finesse drop shot rod 3-14 grm, a spool of rage Jig Silk, a spool of Illusion soft fluorocarbon plus drop shot hooks and weights finished off with Rage micro soft lures,
I have a Shimano Aero match that I haven't used for years before health issues stopped my trips to the Trent infact, so the Jig silk was loaded, I had trouble getting a decent knot for the fluoro leader but eventually had a back to back grinner, this involves tying the Jig silk to the leader then the leader to the Jig silk then pulling the two knots together. The hook is tied upside down in the middle of the 3 and a 1/2 foot leader with a Palomar knot (point facing up) then the loose end of the leader just pulled into the swivel on top of the pencil weight, no knot to change depth just pull the line down from the top of the swivel to release pull more line through the swivel and pull tight into the top of the swivel. No need to trim off the line you may need to go back to the end of the leader.
(I know just about everyone bothered to read this will know everything I have covered but it's aimed at the few that don't)

So tackle ready I was off To the Sheffield canal, there are two or three places with relatively easy access for me close to home and with me only fishing short trips a couple of hours or so the canal is perfect.
My wife drops me off and makes sure I'm settled then leaves me to it. I always start off a 3.5 gram weight size 4 hook with a small 4 cm shad lip hooked. Then it's just a case of flicking the rig out on a tight line and then flicking the rod tip to give the lure a bit of movement in fact the lure looks like it's got Saint Vitus dance in the water, Perch have difficulty ignoring it.
I can't say the fish I've been catching from the canal are anything other than small Perch to about 6 oz apart from the small Pike to just over a pound even so it's most enjoyable.
Give it a go it's fun