I've had a quite enjoyable time at the snake (pond 5) KJS Aston Springs for around five years.
This year however I've had a total change from the snake to pond 2, methods I've used have been; bomb and pellet, method feeder, slider and slow sinking bomb.
I got some good information regarding pegs that may be comfortable for me from Tony the bailiff and a few ideas of what may work, being super cautious and knowing my abilities there's no way I was going to risk my pole so decided to stay with straight lead.
First effort was with bomb and 8mm pellet, surprisingly I had a good start. Whilst my wife did her stuff sorting my tackle I put a good couple of pouches of 8mm pellets in. By the time I was ready the feed pellets had 10 or 15 minutes to settle. I had 6 Carp between 4 - 7lb in as many casts feeding 10 8mm pellets every couple of fish, hook bait a banded 8mm.
It then just dried up, I knew the fish had come up in the water but was stuck with the bomb on the deck because changing tackle is close to impossible for me when I'm alone.
I did have my other rod set with a method so change over, it was very slow with just a few skimmers and small Roach on 4mm pellet with micros on the feeder.
I was scratching my head to keep the fish on the bottom with no joy they will not settle, I did get some very good pointers from Big Col on here that I tried my next visit that kept them down for a while but up they came again.
Best tip he gave me was drop the catapult and feed small PVA bags instead.
The main problem was the fish had their own ideas and were comfortable higher in the water.
Eventually the only way was to come up to the fish, apart from using caster for silvers I have been managing to avoid this, by fishing the far and near margin like on the snake fishing shallow can be done there with the feeder or a short rig on the pole rig.
The two methods that I've settled with are straight lead for early in the session then a change to a slow sinking bomb that came from another TA member that I'd only tried occasionally and never really had any success with. I know where I was going wrong with it, the waters I fished were far too shallow.
Pond two is to my reckoning 10 foot deep.
Starting on the bomb with the obligatory 8mm with a small PVA of 4mm brought only a few skimmers early in the session, I did get a few Carp around 4lb six to be exact in the first 3 hours then they disappeared so a change to the slow sinker.
Feeding 3 8mm pellets every 20 or so seconds I was thinking I need another plan I though the breeze was a little too strong and it was affecting the bomb.
I'd checked it in the edge and it looked to be falling OK just a fraction slower than the feed maybe the breeze could be keeping it up so I added a no10 shot and made a few more casts, I had what I thought were a few touches but then thought it was just the breeze dragging my line another no10. I was thinking of changing my 6mm pellet for an 8mm and out of nowhere my rod was almost robbed by a carp after a couple of seconds it was off.
On the retrieve my hook length had broke, I stepped it up from 0.16 to 0.19 but felt a bit more confident what I was doing wasn't too far off. It was perhaps another 10 minutes of feeding and casting before another rod wrenching Carp attacked me it took some time before an 8 lber was in the net.
I had 4 more Carp before my wife came to pick me up and with the six earlier I was happy enough but next time it will be just the slow sinking bomb It's awesome when it works.