So after a couple of years I've gone from novice to improver, certainly not expert.
I've fished since I was a lad from the late 50s lure fishing to me was totally alien. Though drop shot fishing is relatively a simple way to put a lure where the fish are it's still been a little hit and miss how I was fishing

The penny dropped for be before Christmas whilst watching the World Predator classic on Sky sports.
The Classic is a lure competition in which the competitors have to each catch one Pike, three Zander and three Perch. Each fish is photo'd on a measure with a numbered tag and sent via text message to the officials. To gain maximum points all species have to be caught.
The winner is determined by length rather than weight.
Fishing was mostly with jig heads or drop shot style fishing.

Now the thing that was noticeable for me was the techniques use by the anglers.
When I picked up the bits of information from you tube everyone I watched dropping were constantly twitching the lure. Using the only information I was getting I did exactly the same.
Whilst I had some success I just thought with more practise it will come. Some days were good, more were not so good.
The tips I got from watching the top chaps on the Classic have helped me understand more of what drop shotting techniques are. One of the main things I picked up was drop shotting is mostly used for fishing vertical.
If you need to cast to a feature rather than fish a vertical drop shot rig a jig head is far better.
So keeping the lure constantly moving/twitching as I picked up from you tube does catch fish, on the other hand keeping it still catches more.
When I say keeping it still that's not strictly correct because I have discovered it's impossible to hold a lure still, just holding the lure as still as I can with the drop shot resting on the bottom the lure doesn't just hang there but little actions are put into the lure, be it from the water moving or from the rod tip moving by the wind or just me trying to hold it still.
The subtle movement by the lure induces bites, also a plus for me is I get 15 minutes to half an hour in one swim before moving giving Perch the chance to grab the bait.

My typical day now drop shotting is after finding a swim with plenty of cover or structure for Perch to hide goes as follows.
I always slowly lower the rig rather than drop it stopping for 5 second.s or so to see if any Perch intercept the lure on the way down.
When the drop shot touches bottom I hold the line as tight as I can without moving the weight, then drop the rod tip a few inches hold for a few seconds then tighten the line again. this is repeated every 12 inches down the feature or canal lock/wall until the swim is exhausted before moving. I am convinced this catches me more fish than the lure constantly twitching.
Most fish I catch now are when the lure is lowered after the weight is on bottom just as the lure is dropping then rising with a short pause allowing the fish to decide to take.
Hooks I used when I started were 2s and 4s, they rarely come out of my bag now. I use 10s or 12s hooks with maximum lure size of 5cm my favourite lure being 3cm. I use smaller hooks and lures because most fish are small and I think big hooks surely put fish off.
I know they work better for me than 2s and 4s.