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Seeing as though I was looking for something like this to be created, I figured I'd start with my thoughts from Triangs on 2/8/10.

First off, its quite awkward to get to. From Kirton Lane in Thorne, Triangs is sign-posted down a gravel track. However, this is cut across by the railway. You have to go to the phone which automatically rings Network Rail when you pick it up. You advise them where you are and they tell you if its OK to cross. Bit of a pain as you then have to open both gates, move your car, and then go back and close both gates. Curiously, in and out I was told I had 2 minutes to cross, so felt like I was under a bit of pressure to get moving!

There were no facilities on-site that I could see, toilets etc. The car park is at the other side of a bank from the first pond (Willow I think) so make sure you don't leave anything on show as its fairly secluded.

I wanted to try the match pond (Heron I think) but unfortunately there was a match starting later in the day so couldn't. So I fished Willow.

The complex itself is beautiful. One of the most natural and pleasant commercial fisheries I've been too, particularly Heron. Seems completely natural, although be aware some of the path and pegs are a bit basic. I'm glad my box had wheels and some of the pegs for Heron would be difficult for anglers with disabilities.

Anyway, I set up on Willow, a few pegs up from where its closest to Heron. There were clearly fish feeding from all the bubbles appearing so I started off on the pole about 8m out to where the fish seemed to be. I plumbed the depth accurately and fished 6mm hair banded pellet with 3mm sinking pellets via catapult.

Not much happened.......I had a small roach after about 15mins but that was the singular bite.

Changed swims, changed depth, changed bait - nothing. Dead.

After about 90 mins I changed to the method feeder to the edge of the island about 13m. I was using groundbait mixed with a few 3mm pellets and again a hair banded 6mm pellet as hookbait. Not fished method for a while, and not touched the rod since I got a pole, so I was just happy I could remember how to set up.

Anyway, I few nibbles straight away and then BANG! Massive pull around and I was in. I played the fish for about 4 minutes before I got a look at it, seemed a very decent mirror. Unfortunately I think the glimpse of it got me too excited and I put too much pressure on. The hook gave way and it was gone. I was using shop bought hook to nylon with pellet band so a bit disappointed the hook knot came off.

But, all was not lost. Had another bite within 2 minutes and managed to land a very nice, possibly new PB, common carp. Between 12-15lb I estimate but don't have scales. Managed to keep my excitement in check this time. I'll try to attach the pic and I'd welcome others estimates on its size!

Carried on for a few more hours, landing just another 2 small carp, but did lose another 'good 'un'.

Weather was overcast with moments of Sun. The lady who came round to collect was very nice and personable, as was the beautiful German Shepherd she had with her.

Day ticket cost £6 strangely, when everywhere else, apart from Lindholme which is massive, is £5. Especially considering there isn't even toilets.

Anyway, despite the lack of number of fish, I was pleased with the day. More so that I changed methods when it was apparent the pole wasn't working and didn't just sit all day hoping to get something without at least trying to 'make it happen'.

Very impressed with Triangs. Looks lovely, seems well run. Only disappointments are the lack of toilets and it being £1 more than other places. Definitely nicer than Pine Lakes which is only 300m away. I will def go back, hopefully to target the Tench in Heron pond. There is also another new snake type pond but I didn't take a proper look and no-one could tell me much about it.

Bait bans include boilies and unusually sweetcorn.

Hope this is useful for someone anyway.