Being in my 60's and having pole fished for well over 16 years I have never been a great user of pellets however fishing more commercials I decided to give it a go but this is what I would like opinions on I brought a pellet pump and softened them up to go straight on the hook but allways struggled to keep them on even the fish were helping themselves so I get more success with hair rigging a pellet band and putting them on hard which appears to be better but does the hard pellet leak more attractant than the softened ones??????? and with so many clours and flavours which ones work the best for say somewhere like Makins phase 2 on the lagoon lake which is a mixed species lake and will pellets work all winter must admit since I purchased my space station and the garbo G8 my sucess rate has shot up do not match fish but want to keep going all winter any opinions would be much appreciated