Hi all,
T'was the night before the match, all was quiet as lewis (ME) concentrated on checking his equipment and preparing his red sweetcorn, which is suprisingly simple to do. I know alot of young anglers (speaking for myself) are put off by complicated sounding baits and preparation. But red sweetcorn and cocoa maggots were simple and worked a treat! To find out other bait recipe's contact anyone but me as thats more or less all I know.Skipp about 10 hours and there we all were all 16 of us chatting lightheartedly and ignoring the seriousnes of our next few hours (may I say here and know if your not easily interested, stop reading, I don't like hate mail ) as the next few hours would determine which of us would make it to melton - the junior nationals!!!!!!!! I was given peg 21, all my hopes and dreams came crashing down as I saw that ...2 ...1. Peg #21 is (in my opinion) the worst peg; Its about 2 feet deep for three metres and beyond that its featureless... But don't worry, as the fish were topping and rolling in the sunshine, I saw the oppertunity to fish on the drop (as advised by this life saving forum )
It fished absolutely shocking all day, even worse towards the afternoon, but a walk re-assured me as no-one was very succesfull.In the end I had a beautiful roach, three perch, a few pathetic gudgeon and another roach, not to forget the tench that weighed all of 1/4 ounce My weight (the fish ) came to about 2 pds and 1 ounce.
But the winner, my friend sam won with 4 pds. The good news is I'm through to melton with the other five of us!
Thanks for reading my first blog post. Cheers, lewis.