Well decided to have a pleasure session down at tunnel barn farm, but have been told by the doctor, to rest, well fishing is restful, isnt it ?.
Let me fill you in. Last week had a club match on the Severn at Larford , i have had trouble with my back for 5 years now and had forgotten how long some of these river walks can be. Unloaded the car and attached my wheel kit , rod bag on one shoulder carryall over the other. ( not to bad , well balanced.)
Started to make my way towards the gate, about 100 metres away, mmm slight twinge in my left hip.
Negotiated the assault course and a long walk through the meadow lay before me . My hip back and groin are begining to kill me.
Finally arrived at my peg , a muddy , steep climb was before my eyes.
When i was finaly set up and ready to fish ,the pain was really bad, like a really bad stitch going around the left side of my body and with every cast it bloody hurt.
After fishing the mashed bread feeder for 5 hours and one chub and bleak later i was glad of the final whistle.. I came 4th with 12oz 6 drms, what a grueller and now the long walk back.
I managed to get back to my car in great pain and was relieved to be on the way home. When i arrived home and went to get out , i could not move , i was in real pain and had to drag myself out .
Well i had to get to the doctors and sort this out, so monday paid him a visit and he reckons i have damaged ligaments, but used some latin word that made no sense to me He told me to rest and i will be having steroid injections this wednesday ,so am looking forward to that
Any way back to tunnel barn farm. Fished the canal pool , carpark side, so i could unload my gear right at the peg and i was looking forward to using my new pole, the Preston carp competition. Set up and the attack today was to fish bronze maggot , feeding sparingly through a pole pot.I finished up with 16lb 7 oz not bad for a angler in pain and no one else was catching , so in all and all enjoyed my rest.
and the sausage and egg sarnie at half time.
I should be starting my winter league at Lower heath fisheries ( Beoley) this coming saturday , i do hope the injections work and i am not in too much pain.