Last year I had 3 weeks driving around France and Spain, After a reasonable drive through France and an overnight stop at Perpignon, we cut back across, and up over the mountains, we stopped off for a couple of nights in Andorra, Andorra is a wonderfull place , its absolutly stunning and tax free, they even have a fishing lake up there, at around 5k feet above sea level,

I had planned a 3 day drop off at Mequenenza I had heard so much about the fishing on the Ebro I thought I would give it a shot. I told the Mrs there was great shopping and all that well there was only a bakers a supermarket, 4 or 5 bars and a couple of eating houses,

After Andorra we set off down the other side of the mountains, 4 or 5 hours later we arrived at a sleepy Town set alongside this huge powerfull river, Mequenenza is like one of those towns you see in the westerns very Dry and dusty with a few of those bushes blowing around in the light breeze from the river.

I found a company and booked 3 days on the cats with a guide. they sorted the license's all the tackle bait, absolutly everything, all I had to do ws round up some cold beers, and charge the batteries for the cameras

These 3 days bought back some great memories and gave me the bug to get back into fishing.

This one was a tad over 136 pound caught on a string of 12, 28mm Halibut pellets

This one was 2 pound under 150 and was 2.19 metres long caught on the same bait first cast, Its kinda crazy fishing and highly recomended, cetainly different from throwing a pole around

I finished up with 12 over the three days with 7 of them pushing past the ton, It was an interesting 3 days to say the least,

It was a sad moment packing the car and driving further down south to Moroira, but I promised the Mrs shopping and a beach so we had to leave