Snow snow and more snow.

Someone is trying to tell me someting, we are not supposed to have snow this time of the year, more to the point I purchased all this new kit and forgot about clothing.

once I got warmed up and shook my way through near hyperthermia I finally got my head down and put a few fish together, in fact it was qute a nice day, plenty of good size skimmers, 4 or 5 tench a carp about 6lb and a wonderfull looking black spotted carrot around 4lb.

So whats new

Number 4 elastic doesnt work any more, all the 22's and 24 hooks won't be any good, its wise to buy warm clothing for UK fishing, and I need a Sensas tin opener for my bait.

Fishing realy has changed the fundamentels are the same but rigs baits and the general approach is totally different.

I ended the day with a comforatble 40 or 50 lb not bad for a noob or is this fishing of today ? I will hold back and answer that another day.

One thing quite funny happened today, I was fishing away and I heard lots of laughing coming from the opposite bank, It was my old drinking partner and good freind Colin Tasker, we go way back as he was setting up I called him on the mobile and told him I needed him on a job for an emergency after a small pause and some concern he looked up and spotted me, needless to say we had a great laugh for the rest of the day.

There is an open here Wednesday I nervously book a ticket