After my first match at Lake John I was eager to get back into the fold, Its difficult as Im missing that always relied on local knowledge and it realy is like starting from scratch.

I arrive at the venue armed with bait and rigs I put together from infomation gathered at my local tackle shop J and B's in Enfield

I take a peak at the lake it looks superb it looks like each peg has an island at around 14.5 metres nice and comfortable and the whole complex looks well thought out and well managed.

As Im taking this photo a car a van pull up, out get Dave and Mick Vincent two of my old sparring partners Im as shocked to see them as they are me, we walk over to the clubhouse and bump into another old freind Gary Miller we sit down for breakfast and fly through the last nine years in about an hour.

I daw peg 26 Im told thats a good peg, on a point, deep inside line you can often catch just down the shelf there isnt any inside cover, my island is very small and around 16.5 metres.

I get to my peg it looks fishy the way the peg juts out I can control a big part of the lake from this peg, Im armed with a bucket of the Carp Vader white pellets and a couple of tubs of the soft hookers 4 and 6 mm and this will be my main line of attack with hookbait switches as required.

The whistle goes I pot in 2 250ml pots of hemp and a pot of white 4mm sinkers at 5metres and the same at 16 with a few free offerings of corn

1st cast is a missed bit on a soft 4mm pellet 2nd cast is a carp about 2 pounds i get a steady stream of small carp up to 2lb then I hook a good one my black hydra is strecthed right through the next peg and the hook pulls,I return with a 10 pence peice sized scale, I have around 16 pound on the clicker and I hook another, this time its in the mouth I have to break down twice as the guys either side are fighting with rollers and I didnt want any of that, I break down at the top 5 then break down at the number 3, as I place sections 4 and 5 down the number 5 comes off and drops in the water to the right hand side of the platform, now I still have a fish on I give the fish some welly net the fish and attempt to retrieve my number 5 only as I got up I see it slowly glide away into oblivian.

Gutted is an understatement, I take the fish which is still in my landing net balancing in my keepnet unhook it and put it in the net.

In I go I need the section as I dont have a spare no 5 needless to say I had no luck its around 4ft deep at the end of the platform and 6 ft in the middle, I am deeply disapointed I draw a good peg and feed my pole section Iam now stuck with 4 sections of pole to fish with
and of course I have been walking around where I now have to fish.

I perceviere and set my stool out at 4 metres I cant even reach where I fed, I cup in some nosebag just short of the furthest I can reach
cast out and shake my head with disbelief, Im stareing at my float half heartedly when it shoots away I have hooked one of the lakes lumps, I have got a battle on my hands here as I only have my elastic there are no sections to add on, 15 minutes later Im rewarded with a lump around 10lb,

I carry on heavily feeding pellet switching between corn and pellet on the hook with the ocassional maggot, I hook another this time im in trouble it goes off like a train all I can do is put my pole under the water simply apply a little side strain and hope it stops, well it did I turned it and it made its way back to where I sat, after a merry dance around the inside another 10lb er in the net. this continued untill the end I lost a couple of which im sure I would have landed given the availability of my number 5.

I went on to weigh in 78 lb good enough for 5th 112lb won it, I think I could have took the main envelope if I hadn't lost my 5.

After the match I went in for a proper swim I never found my section, Gerry the lake owner did get it back for me during the week they had some divers down there for other peoples sections a well spent 20 quid in my opinion.

Well the guys had a good laugh back at the clubhouse, and of course I would have done the same