I have missed out writing up on quite a few opens as im fishing 3 a week and its a lot of writing so I will just write about the ineresting ones.

The midweek match at Lake John is a favourite of mine, its stuffed full of skimmers 100 lb is not impossible and it really is a busy 6hr match so busy the time flies by. I often wonder why more commercial venue designers dont take this approach,and base the bulk of the fish on skimmers and roach that feed all the year round, with a good helping of tench rudd and carp.

All the usual suspects are there at the draw Im looking for pegs 23 or 33 in the corner or anywhere on the back bank or 10 to 16 all the pegs are good I just don't like the remainder
I draw 34 I have drawn this before Im at the end of the island so have to take the feeder rod with me.

The main attack for me today is 13m and 6m lines and the feeder, the first 20 minutes will be on the feeder while the fish get there heads down on the other two lines.

On the whistle I cup in 8 hard balls at 13 metre packed with caster corn and micro pellet and 3 balls on the 6 metre line.

My feeder mix is simple yet effective I get a 2 pint tub put in a big handfull of 6mm meat and two handfulls of hemp I add a little dry brown crumb to help it bind, I hair rig a 12mm soft pellet and a 10mm peice of meat and launch it out, it lands a foot from the island.

before the off I had a few casts with a small bomb got my distance and clipped off,

You cant miss the carp in this place you must never let go of your rod otherwise it will be gone, im getting liners from the off, then a slow pull round I lift into it and have a skimmer about a pound and re cast, I hit almost the same spot and Im getting liners once again, I wait and wait a few recasts later the rod tried to fly across the lake I lift into a carp, I land the fish its about 6lb, the two guys either side of me are catching steady on the pole lots of foulhooked skimmers they havn't got there heads down so I percivere with the tip. another half hour goes by and I have added two more skimmers, time for a change.


As a rule would expect the float to bury, but nothing, I lift the float slightly to one side and let it fall back into the water it sails away I ge the first skimmer on the pole and its hooked in the mouth, this is followed by half a dozen more then it goes quiet. I cup in two more of the same and switch to the 6 metre line,

I nick a couple of small fish but again have to wait for a bite, I hear a regular plop as skimmers are hitting the net in peg 33, sadly I cant see him due to a large reed bed I look to 36 the flier and Alan is gettinga fish a chuck,

Something isn't right here, I can't buy a bite, a good trick I have found on this venue is when they are not having it a large pot of chop can bring the peg to life, I get my multy scissors out and chop up a 2 pint tub ful, you may think this s a lot of bait but the place really is stuffed full of fish, they would devour a bag of micro pellets in minutes and move on, if you dont keep it going in or topped up,
60 lb in 1 hour is a possible task when they are switched on as they can average 3 lb a peice on some days. I put a worm on and drop in over the top,

about a minute goes by and my float lifts right out of the water, lift into a nice fish a bream about 2 lb's, I fsh a simple double bulk rig on this lake, conditions dictate the float size but typically between 0.5 and 1gr and I use a Garbo dc13 or dc6 its the same float one has a carbon stem the other a wire. I always bulk with no 9 stotz and have at least 3 no 10 stot dropers which always end up bulked 3 inches from the hook I use a o.13 mainline and a 6inch 0.10 hooklength,

No matter what line I fish and feed I'm struggling here, and just nicking the odd fish. I go out past my feed drop short and the same applies. The guy on 36 s still bagging, foul hooking fish left and right and getting them in, Im still hearing the regular plop from the other side of the reeds. at last the whistle goes, ts one of the only times I was happy to hear the whistle, I went on to weigh 37 lb to my left 71lb (3rd) and peg 36 two to my right he won the match with 78lb. I ended up just over halfway.

I like to analise what went wrong, I dont beat myself up when things dont go right, but you have to have a mind like a sponge in this sport and take everything on board, Peg 33 to my left is one of the on form pegs, you fish into a corner, the peg has huge advantages, 36 is also a flier ( The winning peg) but this is mainly due to the island and its carp potential.

I ask the guys either side how much groundbait they put in at the start, I get a dodgy avoiding the question response, you know the type err well I err, none err quite a lot at the start, this isnt the first time I have had this response.

They are quite obviously in my mind doing it a little different although they did have favoured pegs, I dont beleive there is a secret magic bait just how you apply things, and obviously you need a few feeding fish as the catalyst.

I cant wait untill the next one in fact I had a sneak practice with my son the day after this he fished one method I fished my adapted method we fished the same rigs same lines the results are quite interesting and for another day