Sunday 8th June High Flier Ely

The Lake

For those of you that don't know high flier this place has been earmarked as one of those venues that has a good chance of breaking the UK Match record. 400lb weights are quite regular 300 and 200 lbs often dont frame.

Its quite a good sized lake 32 permenent pegs all with a minimum 15 metres some have over 20, the lake was first dug out to supply water for ther farm its fed by land drainage via a culvert and pumped direct from the Ouse, the water level tends to change a lot from week to week depending on the farmers requirements.

Up untill now I have been real bad at drawing on this place where ever I draw the weights seem to come from the opposite end.

My peg is the one infront of the white hut

The Draw

In goes the hand out comes 27 Im happy with this 28 has been the inform peg, I have no walk its right by the car park and tea hut and more importantly next to the keepnet store

I set up 4 rigs 4x18 KC Carpa 2 for down the shelf its about 6ft but its gusty and the tow will be bad

I set up a KC Shallow for up in the water set at 12inches deep thats the minimum you can fish

and last and most importantly a Garbo DC6 0.3 for down the edge I set up two of these as when the fish are coming fast you pull out of a lot of fish the fish are up to 16 pound when that hook pulls on red hydro with 20 ft out the float comes back with so much force it often disintegrates
on 5 or 6 occasions I have been left with just a carbon stem and never found the rest of the bits

Today I have the organiser to my left I have never managed to beat him before he knows the place inside out and every blade of grass the fish live under.

The off

You need to be prepared for this place, its been known to use over a gallon of hemp, 8 to 12 pints of pellet and in excess of 20 tins of corn, this is no exaggeration, its a heavy feeding venue with lots of fish, nothing thrown in gets passed by these fish.

I start with 2 pots of hemp and 1 corn on my 6 metre line 250ml pots, I put two pots of corn to my right tight to the reeds and two pots to my left laced with 6mm cubed Luncheon meat.

I put some corn on my hook and drop in at 6m
instant bite and a pasty in the net maybe 10oz, another pot of hemp and corn out on the same line. this is the pattern by the way a pot full for every fish.

I get a finicky bite followed by another and another and I cant hook a fish, Im thinking maybe the rudd and roach are mouthing the bait so I put a 6mm cube of meat on, I get another finicky bit strike and a fish is on, 5 minutes later its in the net a common of 6 pounds.

Now the bite was so delicate I could hardly beleive it was a good fish, this pattern seemed to be the order of the day, tiny little bites that the locals wouldnt even see on the cranky over the top tackle they use, yet the on a delicate float they were visable, 6mm meat over corn and hemp seemed to be the way to go I ended up with 17 reasonable fish for 48lb 8 oz I doubled the weight of the organiser and the guy on the flier peg 28 had 1 fish.

I had topped my end of the lake only to be knocked out of the money 2nd day on the turn by 1 place and 1 pound .

The lake fished poorly not many fish up in the water (I had two) and the winning weight was only 100lb thats unusual for this place but the fish had spawned the week prior and the rain on Friday was heavy the extra cold water may have put the fish down, add to this the fact no one caught any number of fish on the inside confirms this.

Im still drawing at the wrong end of the lake but Im getting on the method quicker, cant wait untill next Sunday.