Innitially I didnt think I stood a chance of getting on this one, as the waiting list looked longer than the actual list of participants, so I was pleasently suprised to see a pm from Ian H saying I was in.

Rolfs is a close one for me just 55 minutes with the wind behind me,

I was one of the first at the lake with Steve DNW, being the only other there, we had a good chat while others arrived.

The lake looked nice a very small breeze on the morning I fancied it would fish quite well

The Draw

I don't mind where I draw on this lake but prefered any of the car park bank or the smaller part of the lake, for some reason although there is lots of cover the far side of the main lake just doesnt appeal to me.

I drew peg 36 Im happy with that although I was told this peg was going to be pulled due to bad form, today is a different day.

I get to my peg and guess who is opposite me again, yep our very own Rive T, at least we will have a good laugh, anywhere Tony is there is always laughter, once again Im drawn next to Polekiller,this guys has more methods than I had pellets on the day, and to my left Im graced with the company of Sue, Sumo's wife, diagonally over in the corner is Steve DNW.

Pegs 2 and 4 look like very good pegs and I know about 34, polekillers peg to my right, The dangerous peg today if not pole killers was End Pegs, peg with an empty peg either side its going to be hard to beat.

The Method

I sat and pondered over my peg for a bit thinking what the best approach would be, the peg itself has no features what so ever but I decide to feed an inside line tight to the bank 13metres up in the water and a 6 metre as the main line of attack, I also set up a bulk rig for the 13 metre line as some of the pellets are bound to get through to the deck and it may be worth a fish or two.

at the off I cup in 3 pots of hemp and 2 of 6mm pellets on the 6 metre line followed by 1 large pot on the inside line both sides of me I use a 250ml pot

I purchased 9 packs of pellet 3 x 4mm and 6 x 6mm the small pellets were for the inside line as they will last longer before feeding again

First put in on a peice of corn results in a missed bite followed by a couple of liners
I then get a roach

10 minutes passes and Im into my first carp after a little while im greated with a 12lb common, I keep on feeding pot of pellets per fish hoping to keep some kind of bed on the deck, and all the time im fireing 12 or so pellets on the long line with the occasional large pouch full.

my swim soon starts to fizz and Im catching quite regular, every now and then I take time to watch my pellets land at 13 metres I see a swirl and this makes me feed even more consistantly and as accurate, but decided to ignore going on it for a while, as Im catching steady on 6M.

everytime I hook a fish I look up and DNW is playing one to, and Tony opposite was nicking a few.

Halfway in the fish are swirling on my pellets quite well, I throw the short rig up the bank and get a shallow rig in the water, I miss a bite followed by another I sense they are shy of the rig this proved it self as they stopped swirling very quickly and the bites stopped, this was the same for my long line shallow rig.
I put out the bulk rig I set up for the 13 metre line and was instantly into a fish, I hooked a few on this line but kept loosing them as they were mostly foul hooked.

I wasted about 45 minutes on this line only to come back to 6metres and find the fish had gone, at this point I could have kicked myself, I had to start all over, thats one of the problems of fishing too many lines you lose contact with whats going on. I keep feeding regardless dropping the pellets in from a height to make as much noise as possible,

It works the last hour is a fish a chuck, DNW is still bagging along with Polekiller it seems like the lake has come alive,

I keep nicking fish alternating between meat and corn,

The results

I have just over 80lb on the board and estimate 72lb in the net My net goes 71lb I do like my clicker for keeping tag.

Pole killer weighs in just over 90lb and I put 151lb on the book Sue next to me has 2 fish plus a few on the book including a PB very well done too, infact at one point I watched her playinmg a fish on the feeder and her face said it all, Rolfs carp do fight hard.

I walked around with the scales and DNW put 120 + on the book not a bad weight at all.

I knew first peg had a few as I see him vanish 8 or 9 times to weigh in larger carp, it turned out he had 14 on the board and a healthy net full for 194lb and pushed me down to second.

walking the scales for the rest of the lake showed it didnt fish very well untill we got to Pete he put 161lb on the book knocking me into third with just 2 or three left to weigh, I ended up third overall and took the section money, I was quite happy with that.

Lots have asked how much bait I got through well I used 5 packs of 6mm pellets and 1 pack of 4mm I also used around 5 pints of hemp plus my hook samples.

It was a good match the fishing was below par but better than the last visit, it was great to meet all the guys I chatted too, and a good laugh was had by all, especially trying to stand that bloody stone up it must have been all of two ton.

Well done Ian for organising such a good day and lets hope you do it again, and you really do look like Seth Armstrong , First peg for a great win and Pete, for umm nicking second off me, I will get ya back

One thing that stood out on Saturday was watching Sue play her PB carp on the feeder her face was a picture I wished I could find my camera, the look of disbelief as this carp tried to pull her off her box was priceless, you fished a very tidy match and Im seriously impressed with your final tally considering you didnt have a pole, well done.