Sunday is here again It seems to come around quicker and quicker Today Im off to one of my regulars High Flier and hopefully a bag up session.

We always stop off at the little chef for this one in Ely, its a tad expensive biut close to the venue so all is good.

On arrival we are greated by the same old faces and all the London cracks come out Im sure they love us really after all we have been providing some of the winnings for the last few months,

The draw

I always try to get in early I beleive you have more chance of a good peg like that, sadly thats not the case peg 18 right down the wrong end of the lake, I drop off Colin peg 30 again which just happens to be the good end of the lake and drive around to my peg,

The good thing about high Flier is you park behind your peg, this is nice and I hace often set the roller up on the roof rack of my van for some of the awkward pegs.

My peg doesnt look too bad I have a little inside cover im at the narrow end of the lake and the wind is blowing a hooligan its right in my face and slightly left to right 6metre today will be hard work anything more isnt happening.

Looking across the lake the high bank is offering some protection and they have reasonably calm water out to 6metres but the wind is still causing havok

I set up 3 rigs a 4x12 carpa 3 .21 to .19 powerlione with red hydro this is for the animals that swim amongst the reeds

1 set up a 4 x 20 carpa 3 and a 6 x 20 carpa 3 the first with an olivette the second the larger float with a strung bulk im going to need the shot on the line to play around with to hold still

both rigs get back shotted and both have a minimum of two and a half foot of line to the float I need this to allow for the large gusts, its not ideal as I will miss lots of bites but have no choice.

The Off

3 big cups of hemp at 6 metres followed by half a cup of corn, and 1 hemp 1 corn down the inside go out and I put on a 10mm piece of punched meat.

within a few minutes im into my first fish a small common around 2lb I plug away at this for an hour or so nicking the odd fish and putting a cup of hemp and corn in for each fish

The wind is a real pain I was told the gusts were running at 60mph at times and presenting your bait was very difficult, the odd whip would rip the pole out of your hands float as well, I get the impression if I could just get the bait still I would carry on catching, I had a quick look around and no one around me is doing anything, I have seen the landing nets going out on the other bank at the far end of the lake, I have a little look down the margin run through the baits and other than a few liners no signs, I put on a prawn, carp love prawns its an unusual bait but I have bagged over the years on this bait, within a few seconds I have hooked an animal I have around 30ft of red hydro out and im at full reach I cant get any sections on due to the angle it looks so much like Im going to break the pole then everything comes flying back, its broke my 0.19 hooklength more to the point its ripped the internal sleeve of the carpa 3 clean out and rendered the rig useless.

Fortunately I have most of my rigs in triplicate so I put on another adjust the depth and go in with another prawn, I get an instant response and land a fish of around 12lb, yeah I checked for my hooklength I spend most opf the match flicking between 6metrers and the margin and catch steady compared to those around me but not brillaint.

I had a good spell of 1 to 2 pound fish in the last hour that bumps me up a bit.

The Weigh In

Im think I have around 80 LB and double anyone around me lots of people had gone home some without a fish, the scales arrive and my 10 in the big fish net weight 52 pound and the small fish net give me a total of 89 lb
from the start of my bank to me there is only one in front of me sadly this didnt last as the opposite bank far end have all caught

there were 2 weights over 160 lb a 150 lb then a 104lb I was 5th yet again with 89lb

The frustration is running high with this place if there wasnt a gale force wind I would have caught on meat shallow on the long pole conditions didnt allow that, and given the circumstances I dont think I could have got in the money, I need to get up the other end of the lake.
Colin weighed in 44 lb right end of the lake, wrong bank you needed to be on the other bank with the wind over your shoulder

Roll on next Sunday