After the weekend at Wassels I was looking forward to being back on home territory,

It was great as always meeting up with you guys but the fishing was dismal the drive was long and my wallet was emptied but all in all it was a good weekend apart from arriving home long after midnight and then driving to Norwich at 6am

Still life goes on

Saturday 16th August

I picked Colemans farm Cottage for my Saturday venture and High Flier Lake, Ely for Sunday I was in need of putting a few fish in the office and both venue's offer this oppertunity.

I meet up with Mick and Dave Vincent on Saturday morning its always nice to bump into a familiar face albeit such ugly ones , there was an unusual quietness in the cafe Saturday, and we chatted as usual about how it used to be and the regular topic, the decline of the big matches in the south.

Today was very unusal for Colemans only 16 had booked usually its sold out, very disapointing indeed, and spot on with the duscussions we were having, is this now the future of good commercials too ?

Anyway on with the Draw, out comes peg 22 and I let out a sigh of disbelief, I have drawn a peg on the wrong end of the lake and as its been fishing so bad I was going to be sitting up there virtually on my own,

I don't mind having a bad draw, yeah I get a little disapointed but things change fish swim and all that C***, well I get to my peg and can't beleive what Im seeing my pallet is overgrown by bushes, now there is a rule at Colemans, NO GARDENING UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, so while the camera's were pointed in the opposite direction I trimmed back the bushes I didnt go mad but I had to fit on the pallet, this proved to be quite a problem as it gave me no real inside line certainly not to the right or left as the bushes protruded out past the pallet,

I set up an inside rig a 5 metre line and the obligatory long pole line which in this case was 17m ish, at the off I hit each line with a big pot of pellet and the inside an additional pot of corn and hemp mixed, I half knew the long line would be non productive but went out anyway, a small succesion of bites and a few small chub and skimmers were in the net, all the time im dinking half a dozen pellets over hoping the carp would move in, after an hour I needed to change tactic as it wasnt working and emptied a large pot of chop and caster up to the island,

while I let this settle I tried the 5 metre line I had a succession of missed bites followed by a nice run of 10oz skimmers, nice fish but not good enough I had set my stool out for a target weight of 130LB I would need to be here 3 or 4 days at this rate.

the long pole was a waste of time so I decided to concentrate on the big fish that stalk the margins.

On with a bit of corn, the float sat dead still, I had no wind up this end it was like a sheet of glass the only movement was from the odd brave duck that tried so desperatly to steel my corn as I fed, Im sure that if a fish had passed wind at 5 metres it would have registered on the float.

by this time im getting bored, now thats unlike me, but I percivered, I get a liner right after a chucked a handfull of corn in, so there is a little hope then I noticed the water clouding up to the left of my net, I drop in on top of it and wait, I always think to myself when I start chasing shadows around my peg im in for a bad one then the float disapears, I lift into what seems to be a good fish and it is 5 minutes later I have an 8 pounder in the net. out I go again another handfull of corn on my float and another swirl, these carp have trouble hiding in 18inches of water , and the float slid away again another one in the office, Iam probably 100lb behind by now its 2 oclock and only 2 hrs to go but I feel I might put a few in the net.

As I had no way to fish left or right and had to fish virtually in my keepnet everytime I hooked a fish I trashed my peg it was very difficult to put any real weight together, so when the whistle finally blew I was quite suprised to put 80lb 4 oz in the net, needless to say I was in about 5th from last,

Back at HQ I moaned about the inclusion of my peg and Gerry the boss did appologise and explained he wasnt sure whether to include it, oh well there is always next week.

Mick Vincent won the day with a fine 186lb and the last in the money was 134lb approx my target weight for the day, if I had been on another peg who knows what might have happened.

I had 12 carp for my 80lb and turned a few heads with the sizes as most caught 1 to 2 pound fish, but one thing is for sure I will be back there this saturday for another shot.

High Flier Sunday 17th August

I arrive at the Little Chef at Ely for around 8 am order our food on the way to the table as usual aiming for a quick get away, I have been sitting down a few minutes and some strange guy approachs and says hello Paul Im the guy from the forum, how did he know it was me ? Do I type like a large fat guy ? amazing !!!!
any way it turns out to be some guy I have been giving info to about High Flier lake and he decided to give it a shot, after a gut full we get on our way to the venue.

On arrival we are greeted by the same old faces the same old banter the endless drone of farmer types taking the Mickey out of our cockney accents, what they don't realise is the bigger picture is to suss this place out then regularly take them apart, oh how I laugh, you cant imagine how difficult that is when most of the guys that fish this place know all the fish by there names they fish with tackle that wouldnt be out of place on southend pier yet continue to catch fish, these are the same guys that designed the muppet, and what a name to give it, no doubt named after the inventer, but this place is always good fun they welcome us with open arms, and we have a great time, mainly what fishing is all about.

In the hat I go I draw 22 Im happy with that its a good solid peg and there are always a few fish to be had, then as I walked out the door I had a vision PEG 22 same number as yesterday I don't beleive it I just hope it doesnt throw up the same type of result.

off I go to my peg, this venue offers simple fishing for simple people its all very easy powerfull rigs and heavy elastic is the call two lines to fish thats the margin and 5 metres I can't possibly mess it up

At the off I do my usual, a couple of good helpings of corn and hemp, followed by my float at 5 metres, Today however, I decided to give the Vitalin another shot, this has always resulted in masses of fish in my peg and ridiculous amounts of foul hooked fish, its a hard bait to get right, today was no acception instant bites followed up by foul hooked fish, I tried everything to sort this out, and for quite some time had two heads working on it as Neilio was behind me for a long duration, all I seemed to do was nick the odd one, no amount of bait would settle the fish at one depth,

I caught on the drop on the deck on the surface all at 5 metres but I lost 4 or 5 times what I caught and could have won the match twice over, amazingly I went on to weigh in 80lb 12 oz and I beat yesterdays weight by 8oz, I came away knowing I had done something drastically wrong as fish after fish would rip out metres of red hydro then all my kit would fly back minus the fish, and Im still asking the question, the only reasonable explanation I can think of for the outcome of this match is that the fish where lifting the vitalin off the deck and as it hangs a long while in the water this was keeping the fish at all depths, and would explain why most of the fish I did manage to catch were on a strung bulk and in the last foot of water, normally in this situation I would fish off the feed but that resulted in zero bites.

have I just suffered from some kind of peg 22 fluke ?, Lake John on wednesday I drew peg 3 thank christ it wasnt 22 I will post about that adventure another time

Oh well I will be back next week and hopefully sort it out.

I wonder sometimes if in fishing we expect too much, two matches in two days, I weighed in over 80lb on each, yet walked away totally disapointed, didnt win a shirt button, and felt I had missed out on most of the match.

Its a funny old game