Its been a while since I wrote on this blog, time has been limited and I had hoped it would be the opposite,

So 8 months has past since I took angling back up, Its that time of year when you can look back and reflect on what you have done, have you enjoyed it and what are you going to do to change things if any.

This last 8 months has bought me 4 wins 9 seconds and 14 third places with countless 4ths and 5ths and a whole host of sections, its been a real pleasure and Im still eager when the alarm clocks goes in the mornings despite the current cold weather, the biggest problem for me is travelling partners and actually finding matches to get on.
Im sitting here now contemplating wether to go pleasure fishing or not as I failed to find an open.

I met many new freinds in the last 8 months and bumped into a hell of a lot of old ones the likes of Chris Vandervleit Gary Miller the Vincents all great guys with bundles of info on offer and not to forget Dickie, what a charector he hasnt changed one bit and cracks me up every time I see him, and also the guys from this forum, most have helped me with a very smooth transition back into match fishing.

The match scene in the UK seems to be on its backside especially in the London / South East area, finding opens down here is very difficult, the smaller venues have there regulars and are mostly full, and I have found myself travelling further a field with regular trips to the Midlands and the Cambs area being a must to keep competitive,
its a shame really as we have plenty of water down here, Im still trying to get my head around a reason why, I have a few ideas for next year and may try to change a few things.

Anyway Im about to load the van and fill a flask I suppose any fishing is better than none.

So have a prosperous new year guys and lets hope you all fill a few nets