After the previous Saturday here the poor fishing and the poor turnout I wake up with my stupid head on and load the van to go and sit there like a garden gnome again.

Despite all the poors Colemans does a cracking brekkie and I drive to Witham thinking at least the food will be good

I get to the car park and there are cars everywhere a complete transformation to the saturday previous there is even a queue for the brekkie, the only bad thing is the lake is frozen and I left the ice breakers at home

I sit down for some food and I hear Gerry the owner discussing with his lad about getting the boat out and break the ice, and that they done and a mighty fine job too, just enough in each peg to enable a days fishing,

I think the good turnout was due to the cost cutter element, 12 pounds all in no super pools it makes it offordable for so many,

In the bag we go I drew peg 38 another long pole peg
I dont mind fishing long but was hoping for one of the shorter ones maybe 13 or 14 metres and not 16, its cold and bites will be scarce the thought of fishing that long all day doesnt appeal to me, but the peg has had recent form and im eager, sadly I spend so long rabbiting in the car park I get to my peg ( one of the shortest walks ) with just 20 minutes to go.

When I get there I have a guy in 37 and a guy in 39 thats unusual for this place as when there are only 20 or so you usually have a spare peg either left or right and just knew we would struggle, I set up the same rigs as the saturday before, that was a .6 wilkie power diamond and a .3 both 0,15 main one with a .13 hooklength and the down the shelf rig with a .11 both have size 18 gamma pellet hooks. Im still fuddling about when the whistle goes, and not really ready but light up a ciggie and watch..............

Well once again people are cupping bait in like its gonna fish its nutts off, Im not talking about novice anglers Im talking well seasoned regulars, 250mm pots going out with a large bend on the pole, "do they know something I don't ? "

I finally pop some bait out about 30 pre soaked micros and a dozen maggots I feed two lines bottom of the shelf in the deep water and halfway up the shelf, I decided to feed halfway up this time as on the saturday previous I didnt at the start an no matter how much food I put in during the course of the day I couldnt catch there, it seems to me they don't want it on there heads no matter how small an amount.

Now Im about 15 minutes behind and the guys either side are both playing fish I cant wait to get my bait out there. So out we go.

Nothing happens ? Now peg 1 has a fish 20 minutes goes by and I get what I can only describe as a liner a little sideways movement and a very small dip I lift and have a fish on, sadly only for a few seconds and Im rewarded with a scale.

This gives me a little hope as there is or was at least one fish there, out we go again and it buries I get a small carp about a pound when of them parrot mouthed ones, you know the type its the mug of the lake always feeds always gets caught, but i6ts in MY office today
10 minutes goes by and I get another about the same size,

I really want to feed again as we are two hours in and only 2 pound in the net I can see the point peg 26 and all day so far he has had laccy out, I opt to take a chance I have had nothing down the track and both fish have been halfway up and on maggot, I put 6 maggots in my large pot (250mm) kind of overkill but it has the desired effect as you will see, I drop my bait over the top
a couple of minutes goes by and low and behold another carp comes to the net this time about 4lb,

People are so predictable the guys either side have cottoned on a cup of bait = fish and out they go with large pots of goodies, if only they knew, I top up again with another 6 maggots in a 250ml cup and get a chub only a small chub about 10 oz but they all count, I continue this method all day nicking fish here and there including a couple a really nice roach,

People are dropping like flies and going home including the guys either side of me, I think they over fed, and I went on to weigh 18lb 14oz its not a big weight but good enough to pick up the 4th place envelope but the best part was 4lb 8oz of that was silvers so I took the silverfish money too, making my winnings equal to that of the winner, good times

Peg 26 did win the day with 60 odd pound and peg 25 was second with 30 lb, peg 1 which is a nice peg on the paddles had 19lb 12oz I could have easily nicked third place

One interesting point of the day was to get bites I had to feed incredibly small amounts and keep it tight, yet I could only catch by fishing a good metre off my feed

fishing is a funny old game, Im looking forward to getting back there new years day regardless of how hard its fishing.

Had two matches on Lake john as well over this period trying to get ready for the Milo winter league, managed a 6th and 6th can't quite sort this one out unlike Gary Miller Chris Vanderfleit, Martin Amos and of course the owner Colin, who seem to dominate the frame, although I have been consistent I seem to be lacking in something, I think I worked too long in Brum and missed the changes