Having framed in the last four matches here I was quietly confident of doing well from anywhere on Wood lake, the fact its fishing quite hard kind of suits me right now as its a great leveller, and if your prepared to work at it, it can be rewarding.

I say anywhere but there is always a little doubt when you draw a peg that hasnt framed for ages as I did today,

The was a good turn out today and I drew peg 12, not a known peg really 10,12,and 14 seem to be the area the Barbel congregate in and it seems to be an area where you can struggle with carp which are the predominate species so if the barbel dont feed it could be a bit grim.

I kick off the day as my previous blog entries rig wise the only difference is I set up a rig for 6 metres in the deep water, where the barbel tend to come from and put in half a 250mm pot of micros with a few maggots, on the 6 metre line Im kind of lookinmg at this as a throwaway swim, I dont expect to catch there but you never know.

Iam in good company having one of the local expert Jeff Church next to me on peg 14 and watch him closely.

I start in my usual manner very carefull accurate feeding but nothing is really happening I even have a chuck about on the bomb to try and locate a few fish with no indications.

we are about 90 minutes in when I get my first bite long and its a carp about a pound, one or two others have nicked a coupole of pasties and Jeff next door has has a couple and what looked like a good skimmer, a couple of minutes goes by and I get a skimmer, the skimmers here are quite a good size from 12oz to about a pound and a half and are worth targetting when the carp fail to respond, I alter a few things about put on a smaller bait and try to pick off a few more, another hour has gone we are over half way and Jeff has started to move well ahead of me knicking skimmers and the odd chub, the flyer opposite to my left has Dave Lewis on it he is struggling, and I have added no more.

So I decide to give the 6 metre line a go, this rig is a 4x14 KC Chimp its shotted as a bulk with stotz about 18 inches off the hook with 3 no 11 stotz as droppers and a size 20 gamma pellet.

I put a single red maggot on and drop it over my pellets
after about 10 minutes a get a little sideways dig, the wind picked up for a few seconds and dragged the float to the side and as this happened it dipped, it was like something had hold of the bait and the wind forced the float, I lifted and was greated with a skimmer about a pound that went beserk on black hydro, I used black as I was expecting barbel if anything at all.

in we go again and I get another, this was followed by 3 more then it dried up, once againI have that dilema, "DO I FEED AGAIN " wel I decided to give them a very small amount of micros with half a dozen maggots and back they came I carried on to nick a few more and ended up with around 13 or 14, amazingly not a single bumped fish on black hydro and to be fair I would have expected a few losses with skimmers, to go lighter would have been suicide going on recent catches on this lake.

the wistle finally goes I have worked this peg hard today and Im pleased with my 18 or so pound, I thought maybe a section win and no more I cant see pegs 1 to 10 or 35 to 40 and if our end hasnt fished well you can bet your life the other end has.

Along came the scales I asked what was winning and the reply was 19lb 12 I put my fish on the scales and weigh 20lb 6oz Im in the lead all I need to worry about is the last few poegs 35 to 40 as I cant see them, I know I have beat all them around me.

it turns out no one came close 13lb being the next best.
another win for the year and another nice envelope.

Colemans has been good to me over the winter months, Im finding that carefull accurate feeding is the key, and dont give up on any of the lines, 10 years ago before my break I would have overfed that peg in the first 20 minutes, comming back into fishing after such a long time has been a godsend I have started with a clean slate fishing new methods I havnt seen before and had to start from scratch.

roll on next saturday