After the trials of the last match at Oakfield, I decided to continue going in the hope of getting to grips with the water in the colder month's before absolutely emptying it in the summer. Great thoughts and a plan.

Todays match was to be on Swallow lake. A lot different to the other match lake, Brook. No island but most pegs had a feature although most of them are submerged in the way of dips and troughs. My peg 19 had a bank going out 16m on the right hand side slightly and I targetted a bank of rushes at 11m for my main line of attack. Another line at 11m straight out and another at 5m completed the lines to fish.

On plumbing up I found 5ft of water on the straight 11m line with only a few inches difference between that and the 5m line. The same rig would be used on both lines with a dab of tippex on the pole for depth adjustments during the day. My 11m right hand line was slightly shallower at 3 1/2ft. Both rigs were tied to .14 powerline with a size 18 B911 and a .3g MW Pellet float. I also set up a bomb rod for throwing around the swim if i was struggling.

After the last match Simon Young mentioned I may have overfed the swim from the off and with this in mind I decided to feel my way into the match. I cupped in about 20 micros on each line to start off with and 4 or 5 4mm GOT expanders.

First put in a roach, then another and another on the 11m straight out line. The guys opposite were fishing the bomb and were getting liners and the odd foul hooker which they were losing. Peg 1 was fishing the pole long into the corner, peg 4 was bombing into peg 3(a noted winter peg at around 25m out). Peg 21 was casting a bomb around but no joy except for the odd liner. I could not see the other side of the lake from my peg but word was that Lee Ripper had a couple of carp from 14 down the edge.

I kept plugging away and after an hour I had about a pound of roach in the net. A look onto the 11m right hand swim produced a few more roach but no carp. A switch to corn gave me a bite after 10minutes which saw me net a carp of around a pound. Then nothing. A look onto the 5m line produced yet more roach and the odd skimmer. A look on the bomb saw the tip remain motionless for nearly an hour when it suddenly twitched and I was into yet another roach, although slightly bigger at around 4 ounces.

My match continued in the same mould all day and I ended up with about 4lb of bits. Lee Ripper won with 20lb of carp and not a single roach, strange. I wonder if the micros are simply pulling the small stuff in and the carp being less active can't be bothered to push them out.

Still its all part of my learning curve on a new water and has not deterred me.