This match was on Brook lake, around an acre in size with a central island approximately 14m across to far bank reeds and grasses. It is very canalised with a near and far shelf and the target species are carp up to mid doubles but averaging 4lb.

The draw saw a decent turnout with a few "names " amongst them Mark Pollard, Lee Ripper and Adam Rooney. All high class anglers on there day with a record on the venue to be envied. Personally you needed to draw in the corners as this is where the fish seem to have shoaled up during the winter. The starights seemed to produce just odd fish, although Gary Thorpe had 17 odd fish last week from peg 22. Just off one of the corners.My hand goes i the bag and out comes clothes peg number 7, slap bang in the middle of the straight.

My swim was 14m to the far bank rushes and 18inches deep. Coming in a metre saw it drop off to around 3ft and this would be my main area. Another line at 7m and another at 1m out from the bank( the near side bank shelves quite steeply and this is where a level can be found. Bait for the day is corn and 4mm sinkers. I also had a selection of 4 and 6mm soft hookers available and a few maggots just in case.

I had found over the last few excursions that my normal rigs were not producing so I stripped them down and replaced them with lower diameter lines and changed the way they were shotted to use stotz rather than shot. A change to size 18 B911's completed the rigs.Still using a MW Pellet float in .3g sizes completed the set up.

At the all in I decided to feed a small pot of 4mm and 4 grains of corn on the 7m line and down the edge. I was simply going to ping a few pellets onto the longer lines to feel my way in. After 10 minutes without a bite I finally put a pot of pellets in at 13m along with a couple of grains of corn. This seemed to kickstart the swim and a couple of bites followed with a small 6oz carp to show for the effort. I was still pinging a couple of pellets across and this seemed to get a few roach going although this would not win me anything. I could hear fish being caught in the corner to my left and word had it the right hand corner had snagged a couple of fish.Carp or bust, I thought.

With the far line only producing small roach a look onto the 7m line was hopefully find my elastic being stretched with a proper lump. Shipping out a single grain of corn into the 4ft swim the float settled then dipped almost immediately, the elastic came out and I was in. The fish moved to my right and went and went, suddenly the rig came back nd a scale the size of a 50p came back attached to the hook. Foul hooked, Sod's law. Still there was a fish there and with renewed enthusiasm out went another grain of corn. After about 10 minutes the float went again and a common carp of 4lb was securely in the landing net. After a biteless 20 minutes I moved to the 1m line. A slow bite came and went as I was not concentrating and 5 minutes passed the orange bristle could not be seen and I was in again. I managed to control the fish into open water in front of me and get its head up, ready to scoop and the fish bolted again this time shedding the hook, a good fish at around 8lb lost at the net. I had sneaked a few more small ounce carp and another of 4lb, losing another at 14m that went straight into the reeds on the far bank when the all out was called.

As usual the corner pegs had produced and as I was not going to trouble the scalesman, I packed up and went to have a quick chat with Nick Bryan on peg 2. He had 8 carp for 20lb plus and was favourite to win the section. Adam Rooney won from corner peg 1 and a good weight from John Price on the opposite corner saw I had made the right decision. Still there is always next week.