Waking up to the fact that you cannot see your car on the driveway due to a thick blanket of fog is not the ideal preparation for taking your son, David to his first Oakfield open. Temperatures of -4 following us to the outskirts of Aylesbury and the fog had started to lift.

After a bacon sandwich in the cafe, a quick look at our lake for the day Brook saw no ice. The pegs closest to cafe were the favoured pegs as this is where the fish have been holed up all winter. Either corner 1 or 30 would do me. So when 26 stuck to my drawing hand I was not too disappointed, not a bad draw but could be better. Spawny git, David, however promptly pulls out peg 30. An absolutely flier that has framed or won nearly every open since I have been coming to the venue.

I decided to fish 2 lines one at 12m and this would be my starting point at the bottom of the far shelf. My other line would be at 14m, a foot away from the far bankside vegetation. Rigs would be .3g MW Pellet floats tied to .12 Colmic Stream to size 18 B911. Bait was corn, expanders and some soft hookers as a change bait.

A half pot of micros and a few grains of corn were sprinkled into the 12m line, with nothing going in on 14m. After 30 motionless minutes I tried a foot away from the feed and after 5minues the float dipped and a nice carp arond 4lb graced my net. Another follwed in quick succesion and it seemed that 6mm GOT Expanders were doing the trick. Then as is quite normal the fish backed off. No other bites were forthcoming. A switch to 14m saw the float bury on the first put in and the black hydro just kept coming out of the pole. Heading into the pegs to my left it just kept going until it finally bottomed out and I parted company with the torpedo. Another look and nothing. A change to corn brought a response however lifting and dropping the bait seemed to produce bites, although missing most I occasionally hooked one or two and although it was slow I was still putting odd fish in the net. You would get on then nothing, no bites,knocks or indications. Changes of bait did not make any difference so I stuck it out on corn.

At the all out I had 7 fish for 24lb 3oz. Peg 29 had caught fish all day, although small for 41lb and a win. Mark Pollard extracted 34lb from peg 13 and my neighbour on 24 had 6 fish for 30lb. My weight was enough for the section coin and hopefully the first of many envelopes to come my way.

David had struggled on peg 30 netting 3 fish and losing 6 before his shoulder started playing up and was hurting him when holding the pole.