Sunday, 23 August 2009
High Flyer 21st Aug 09 TA Match A while back I fished a couple of matches at High Flyer lakes near Ely in Canbridgeshire. cracking venue that contains some big fish to just over 20lb. Plenty of margins and fish to go at. Now, Paul Law from the Talk Angling UK fishing tackle and angling news website had arranged a match to meet a few people from the site and to fish the venue. I took up the offer and arranged for my regular travelling partner Vic Nugent to attend as well. So names booked in, research done and we were waiting at the bit to bag up.

A rather uneventful trip across country saw us pulling into the car park around 0815 for the 0900 draw to be met by Ken Gammon, the fishery manager and regular framer at the venue. It would be rude not to talk to him so after pumping him for information and a couple of cups of tea, we waited for the rest to turn up.The general consensus seemed to be that you wanted a peg close to the car park on either side of the lake. It was really blowing hard into that end of the lake and as margins were to be the main target and around 5m. Neil Kidd was organising the monies and draw so with trepidation I placed my hand into the bag and out comes 22 ( the same number I drew at Colemans so that's a good sign).

A chat with a few of the lads said it was OK but the preferred pegs were still at the top end of the lake and as I was about a third of the way along the near back could struggle early on until the fish moved into the edge. For company I had venue regular Fred on 24 and Mark Sawyer on 20. Still hopefully I would have a few fish and enjoy the day. Vic had drawn Peg 12, one he had fished before and caught from.

Armed with only my margin pole and red hydro (these fish do go a bit). It was a 1g rig out for 5m and 2 MW Diamond margin floats for fishing the edge. Plumbing up found 1ft in both margins 5m along the bank and around 6ft on the 5m line. Bait was to be corn as this had been catching well in the lead upto the match. Feed I had 6 pints of GOT 4mm sinkers, 6 Pints of GOT Micros, 6 tins of corn, 1 tin of meat just in case and 4pints of hemp.

At the all in I cupped in a pot of corn on all lines along with a pot of micros down the edges. A pot of 4mm and hemp at 5m. Out with the 1g rig onto the 5m line saw the float going through the peg too quickly but on the second trip through it dipped enough to register a bite and fish on. A carp around 3lb in the first 5minutes was a welcome sign and this was followed by another around 1lb mark. I had felt the float was not stable enough and swapped to a 1.75g float which although was better was still not right. The float was tilting and I thought the bait was coming off bottom too regularly due to the tow. If anyone knows how to combat this please feel free to get in touch. The only thing I can think of was that the line between float and pole tip was too short at around 1ft.

Things were going along slowly, a few roach, rudd and even a gudgeon put in an appearance, but not many carp. I had been feeding the margins all the time and after sheer frustration on the 5m line I decided to look into the edges for some action. Although I thought it was too early, hopefully with careful feeding I could keep them coming for longer. Fishing to the left hand margin saw a few small rudd coming so I fed the peg with a full pot of corn and another pot of micros to try to draw some fish in. A look down the right saw me connect to a lump first put in and at around 7lb was a welcome sign. I had placed a toss pot on the end of the pole and was now feeding micros and corn every put in tight to the grass edges of the bank. After each put in there would be a few tails then bang the float goes, no dipping of bobbing, just buries. This was better. A few foul hookers was inevitable in the shallow water but at least I was adding fish to the net. Carp to 7lb were coming out but a lot around the 1lb mark also put in an appearance. Then with an hour to go the peg just died, I tried feeding just corn or just micros even just hemp but nothing could induce a bite. All too often the all out goes and although I had had a frustrating day, I felt I was getting to grips with the margin fishing at High Flyer, I must however sort out the 5m line for future fishing exploits.

The winning weights had indeed come from the top end of the lake with Paul Law winning with a fine 195lb, Steve Davies followed with 134lb followed by 97lb from big Danny. My 63lb did not trouble anyone but I still enjoyed the day. Everyone down our end struggled with a few DNW's although they all caught fish.

Thanks to Paul Law and Neil Kidd for sorting out the day.

So 2 lessons are needed to be addressed. Learn to fish in tow and draw the right end of the lake.

My next match hopefully will be at another new venue for me so keep an eye on the blog for more reading on those dark nights.