Wednesday, 17 March 2010
Finally a day off work Cor!!!!!!!!!!! How time flies by. It seems like only yesterday that we had ice on our lakes and fishing was a real struggle. During this time when the nights started at 3pm and morning at 8am, I had committed myself to working. Too many hours in the office and driving a fork lift had left me desperate to get out and go fishing. I'd had a dabble on some local stillwaters but nothing to write home about. So it was with great delight that I could announce getting back into some regular fishing.

First off and a gentle workout was required, mainly to check out elastics and rigs from last year. I genuinely had to dust the cobwebs from the gear. I found my flask and rather than open it decided that a new one was needed.Three months stuck in the garage is not ideal preparation. I had had a chat with Pete Thompson,Vic Nugent and Mick Wright about getting out and we had decided on a knock up at Wold Farm Fisheries near Santa Pod Raceway. Wold Farm Fisheries & Shooting I arranged to pick Vic up as his car had recently caught fire and with a short journey ahead it was not long before we pulled up outside the gates awaiting opening time. Collecting our keepnets and landing net from Dax the owner he pointed us out on the right methods.

Set in peaceful surroundings except when the racing is on, it offers something for everyone. A specimen lake, a lake containing ornamental carp, a lake with no carp in and a match lake. The latter being our chosen venue for the day. Similar in shape to a figure eight, every peg has a feature of some description, lily pads, shelves. islands etc. We drew for sides rather than pegs and I settled into peg 6. Vic noving another couple of pegs further up the lake. Pete was on the other bank and had decided on a new GB approach so fished to the open water in front of him and down the side to some dying lily beds. Mick went the whole hog and fished the very end peg at the top end of the lake. It was strange because where we had all settled in we could only see one other person actually fishing. We either had our backs to the others or were covered by a tree or bush. Not intentional but it felt wierd.

The last time I fished here I caught a single carp and a few skimmers and roach on Atomic maggot or expanders. I had used this fairly well to secure second overall and used in conjunction with Atomic cloud seemed to compliment each other. The same bait and tactics were to be employed today with a small tin of corn as a back up. Setting up with black soft hydro to allow for the skimmers, .16 Colmic stream to a size 16 B911 and a .3g MW power diamond. I plotted a line at 11m with micros and expanders, a line at 4m for maggot and another line down the edge at 11m with corn, although with it being shallow and cold water was not expecting to catch there.

A small pot of micros out to 11m and a cup of cloud at 4m and a pinch of corn to the edge saw my initial feeding take place. With a 6mm expander impaled onto the hook it was out to 11m for my anticipated first fish. I waited and waited, nothing. A switch to 4m and maggot on the hook and still nothing. Pete was admitting to a bite, Vic nothing and Mick was in the same boat. Not a bite in 2 hours of fishing. I decided to utilise my time on the bank and make a few rigs whilst still fishing. At this point with a tied hook in my mouth the float dipped a fraction and my first fish of the day was on. A nice carp around 4 1/2lb. Thats it all out and a win. But alas the lads wanted to fish on and I suppose it was only fair. It was my only bite for the first 3 hours but at least I had 3 brand new margin rigs made up.

I had been flicking 5 or 6 maggots in at 4m with a few dropping short so decided to fish on the edge of the shelf sometimes up it. This seemed to have a desired effect and I had a run of skimmers to a pound and a quarter with a few chunky roach to 12oz for good measure. Sport was still slow but at least I was catching a few. Vic had secured a few fish on maggot at 12m. Mick had sneaked a carp and was getting amongst the skimmers. Pete had played around with his GB approach and decided it doesn't work. Snagging a roach and skimmer on a maggot feeder but switching to a GB feeder killed it.

Plugging away I managed to keep fish interested but needed to move with the fish. They would not settle on one line but drifted in and out between 3m and 5m. I did bump another carp and found that the maggot had doubled over the hook and this could have been the reason.

The second all out was called at 3pm and I felt that I had done enough to win but knowing how match anglers underestimate there catches and not really being able to see the other anglers left me wondering how well I had actually done. Pete threw back his 2 fish, Mick weighed in 7lb 11oz including a carp of 4lb. Vic had a dozen skimmers for 14lb 8oz and I managed to put together 22lb of skimmers, roach and a solitary carp of 4lb 12oz.

An enjoyable win and a few cobwebs blown away both in tackle and myself.

Plans are for afoot for some matches in the future on the venue and I look forward to them in the summer as I have only fished it in winter before. Carp should feed more proficiently and with 50lb of skimmers possible on all pegs during the warmer month's sport could be good.