Well i have decided to do an about turn with my fishing hang up the match rods and go back on the hunt for my first 20lb pike.Its been a few years since i have done the pike thing and so many things have changed but the decision is made.So off i went deepest Leicester shire,booked in at a place called Eye Kettleby what a place didn't fish but cooked my self in the hot tub for a couple of days had a trip to Barnsley visit the fishing republic in all honesty i was a little disappointed its not that different from any other fishing tackle shop, but not really sure what i was expecting.Called in on Mansfield on the way back ponced a cup of tea from an old boy up there ok the highlight of my week the pike fishing well it was damp wet cold and very windy so i made a decision to do the lure thing, payed my annual visit to Melton carp and pike .... now that is a great shop so helpful couldn't do enough for me. Hickling Pastures was the place to head for its a canal basin on the Grantham cut . I must admit i was trembling with anticipation just like a kid with a new toy.....first cast with this new spinner 40 yards right in the middle of the basin the ducks scattered and i turned the handle slowly and was met with solid resistance could this be what i was searching for..... alas id hooked the sunken island ahh well it tested my tackle to the limit and yes the island was moving i thought to myself im gonna land this.so im playing this island giving it all the actions and to my left on the bench the local rambling club are there sitting watching me while they eat there lunch,Well what do i do now they thought i was into a fish.and were getting quite excited at the thought of this canal holding a potentially record breaking fish well i love audiences so of course i was doing my Teepot thing suddenly like an exocit missile the bloody island released my spinner and it was heading straight for me.So i did my Matt Hayes impression and threw the rod onto the reeds and held my head in my hands looked round at the bench......they had gone not so much as an autograph was asked for just disappeared, all that acting effort wasted.Still thats life i didn't have so much as a take but it was a good way to spend a few hours and enjoyed it immensely So i am still looking for my 20 well actually looking for any pike that comes my way.But the game is a foot and who knows what the next trip will bring