Still waiting for a pike .Its been a 3 month quest without the slightest sign of a run or a last trip was down to walcot in deepest shropshire i used to love the place back in the glory days of the BAA had a few pike and the surroundings were second to none.This time i was a little aghast the bank had been ripped apart and was devoid of all growth but i expect thats progress.there is also a weed problem down there.the First pegs by the gate were taken and on inquiring they had one pike about 5lb on a dead im keen as mustard its a big lake and 2 hours later i still hadnt had a touch but had seen some wood peckers and buzzards.I have been using these new rubber lures that look like fish there movement in the clear water was about as realistic as i have ever seen and i am convinced its not my methods or technique , maybe im just unlucky.i intend to pursue this method through out the summer in till i succeed .looking back i should have gone on the avon at pensham .But i have had some great times just walking and chatting with who ever i meet so all in all i am enjoying my trips in pursuit of the elusive Esox Lucius.