My build up to the 1st match had been the thrown a little by news midweek that the pool had been won with bloodworm and joker the week before. With it being midweek I decided against trying to get any as most of my local tackle shops have a Tuesday limit for ordering your match packs.

After a few pm's to TalkAngling members a match plan and tactics had been formulated.
My plan being based around 3 lines maggot, pellet and chopped worm and caster.

After picking Sumo up and meeting the others in the piggery a breakfast was soon had and TBF feed pellets obtained. Short walk to the lake and the draw was made with peg 10 coming out in my hand. Conditions were cold with a little drizzle as I made the short walk to my peg.

Well the peg was the same as all the others except the end pegs in as much as you had 13m to the central island that run the length of the pool. After setting up, a careful plumb showed bottom of the near shelf at approx 1m out at 4.5ft being fairly consistent right up to bottom of far shelf, top of the far shelf was approx 2ft. 3 rigs were set up as follows.

Rig 1 was Drennan Lake 0.2g (orginal wire tipped) on 0.11 line to 0.10 hook length and Kamasan B510 size 20 hook for my maggot line at 9m to my right. Elastic was Milo krypton 8. Plan for this line was to trickle feed bronze maggots through a tiny pole cup.

Rig 2 was a Maver Black Ice Carp F1 Finesse 4 x 12 on 0.11 line to 0.10 hook length and Tubertini series 808 size 20 for my pellet line at 9m to my left and bottom of far shelf to my left at 12m. Elastic was White hydro set fairly slack. My plan for these lines was to feed a few of the TBF micro feed pellets and fish 4mm pellet on the hook.

Rig 3 was a Drennan Chop 4 x 10 (orginal) on 0.10 line to 0.09 hook length and Kamasan B911 size 20 for my chopped worm and caster rig. This was to be fished at the top of the far shelf and had also plumped up so I could alter the rig to go down to the bottom of the shelf as well. Elastic was white hydro again. Plan was to cup in a small amount of chopped worm and caster at the top of the far shelf and the same at the bottom.

At the all in all of the swims were feed as described above and I started on the 9m pellet rig with a 4mm CV Polar Pellet. Sitting it out for 20 minutes with out a bite before trying at the bottom of the far shelf again not a sign. You seem to get the feeling when a hard match is ahead so head down and keep concentrating as I changed to have a look on the maggot line again nothing. Chopped worm line nothing. Had only seen a couple of fish landed, nothing of any size so head down and ring the changes trying scaling down to size 22 on 2 rigs, changing shotting patterns round, changing depths slightly just off bottom, over depth..... still nothing. Then things got started to chuck it down as well.

To cut a long story very short I had a bite over on my chopped worm swim at top of the shelf 3 hours and 12 minutes into the match for a small (tiny) mirror on a section of worm.

That was that I could not muster another bite despite ringing the changes with my rigs and bait. I had tried various pellets, bronze maggots, worm, caster tiny red worm but to no avail. I had feed all the swims lightly and kept bait trickling in little and often hoping to feel my way in to the swim depending on the responce but when you don't get a responce it makes it a little harder

Hearing the final whistle was a bit of a relief knowing I had one fish in the net as I knew it had fished hard with the peg to my left having 1 fish and peg to my right DNW (although he did manage 2 bites).

As the scales started from our end, the end peg 12 was 1st to weigh and he weighed in 3lb 4oz to win the match with 3 carp all falling to sweetcorn, although he did lose a couple more. My mirror weighed in at a MIGHTY 2oz knowing most of the weights were oz as well showed how hard it had fished.

1. Andy Wooley 3lb 4oz peg 12
2. Aubrey Marsden 1lb 7oz peg 2
3. Keith Bradshaw 11oz peg 11
4. Mark Elton 9oz peg 7
5. Andy Hobbins 8oz peg 8
6. Mike Roberts 7oz peg 6
7. Leigh Betteridge 2oz peg 10
8. Lance Glover 1oz peg ?
9. Paul Clay DNW peg 9
9. Paul Twigger DNW peg ?
+ 3 no shows

What a start to the winter league roll on the next 4 rounds...................................