I was looking forward to this round with a little trepidation after the disastrous 1st round and with Christmas and New Year out of the way round 2 soon seemed to be on us. A few more inquisitive pm's were sent out and the replies digested again.

Woke up to load car and couldn’t believe the car was frozen after a mild Sunday been forecast. After picking Sumo up, short drive down to Shrewley, on arriving we took a quick drive round to the lake to see if it was frozen, luckily only one side was (the far side) so it was straight to the piggery where a breakfast and cup of tea went down great.

Quick drive round to the lake, conditions were cold but bright. Lance had pegged all 12 pegs on the clear side plus one free peg on the other side, drew my peg and got the lonely far bank.
My frozen side

Other side

Set up for 3 swims again similar to last round but was going to do one pellet and 2 chopped worm swims.

Rig 1 was Drennan Lake 0.2g (original wire tipped) on 0.10 line to 0.10 hook length and Tubertini series 808 size 20 for my pellet line at 9m straight out in front at bottom of far shelf. Elastic was White hydro. Plan for this line was to feed half a dozen TBF micro pellets through a tiny pole cup every put in.

Rig 2 was a Maver Black Ice Carp F1 Finesse 4 x 12 on 0.10 line to 0.10 hook length and Kamasan B911 size 20 for chopped worm and caster to my left tight to a clump of grass on far bank at 11m. Elastic was Milo krypton 8. My plan for these lines was to cup a small quanity of chop and fish it out.

Rig 3 was a Drennan Chop 4 x 10 (original) on 0.10 line to 0.09 hook length and Kamasan B911 size 20 for my chopped worm and caster rig. This was to be fished to my right at 9m at bottom of near shelf. Elastic was white hydro again. Plan was to cup in a small amount of chopped worm and caster and put half a dozen casters over it fairly regularly.

Main difference on all rigs this time was I had just over shotted them and got the old bristle grease out to hold them up.

My peg

At the all in cupped in chop on the 2 lines and went on the pellet line. Was getting tiny knocks but couldn’t hit them. Kept the half a dozen micro’s going in plus one grain of sweet corn with every other cup. After about 20 minutes had a F1 but wasn’t happy so tried going over depth by couple of inches, nothing so feed a dozen micros and tried both of the chop swims but could not muster a bite. Tried slight lifting, dragging each way but nothing so put a toss pot in on each and went back on the pellet.

Keep plugging away on this for the next hour with the odd F1 and carp coming to the tiniest of dips on the float. Tried both the chop swims again but managed one tiny perch and as Twigger opposite me had started to put a good run of fish together going into last hour. With these matches only being 4 hours I decided to sit it out, head down and back to pellet swim. Still getting the odd carp with main damage being done with the 4mm Schnitzel Wurst with corn taking odd fish as well. One observation was every carp I hooked was just inside the top lip, which I suppose with the tiny bites/dips makes sense.

Well the weigh in was done with the following results

1. Paul Twigger 10lb 6oz peg 12
2. Leigh Betteridge 8lb 7oz peg 13
3=Lance Glover 5lb peg 11
3=Andy Hobbins 5lb peg 10
5. Mark Elton 3lb 7oz peg 9
6. Andy Wooley 2lb
7. Mike Roberts 14oz peg 3
8. Paul Clay 9oz peg 2
9. Keith Bradshaw DNW
9. Aubrey Marsden DNW
+ 3 no shows

Quite pleased with the match compared to last one but felt wasted bit too long on the chop swims. Felt if there had not been the frost and freeze it would of fished better but feel getting a slightly better understanding of the place. 2 of the lads fished the bloodworm and joker but didn’t do much good.

So now looking forward to round 3 on the Top Pool.