Round 3 soon came round and a milder morning greeted us as I went to pick Sumo up. Soon in the piggery for pre-match breakfast and to meet the others.

Quick drive round to the lake, conditions were warm and bright. Lance had pegged the whole lake spreading us out. Hand in the draw bag and out comes peg 34. After setting up I had Lance (Curtains) across from me so would be able to see how his feeder plan goes.

My swim

Lance swim

After the last 2 rounds had decided to fish only pellet this match but still set up for 3 swims to fish at 5m to my left against dead reeds, 6m out in front and 5m to my left.

Rig 1 was Drennan Lake 0.2g (original wire tipped) on 0.10 line to 0.10 hook length and Tubertini series 808 size 20 for my pellet line at 6m straight out in front. Elastic was White hydro.

Rig 2 was a Maver Black Ice Carp F1 Finesse 4 x 12 on 0.10 line to 0.10 hook length and Tubertini series 808 size 20 for my 5m left swim. Elastic was Milo krypton 12.

Rig 3 was a Maver Black Ice Slim 3 x 8 on 0.12 line to 0.10 hook length and Tubertini series 808 size 22. This was fished to my right 5m swim. Elastic was white hydro.

Plan was to drip feed the TBF micro pellets and fish pellet over the top.

At the all in cupped in small amount on the 5m lines either side and went out on the 6m line straight in front. Lance who was in the corner to the left of me chucked his method feeder straight out to the island and it wrapped straight round. He did it again before I managed my 1st f1. I notice some movement to the right so swapped over to this swim. Tiny pot with a few micros in and straight into small F1’s this carried on for a while with fish coming fairly regularly (although small), no one else seemed to be putting many together our end and Lance after the 1st 3 quick fish was now struggling EVEN getting his pole out. So I was happy to plunder this swim with drip feed until the sun got up and I just could not fish it, no matter where I moved or adjusted I couldn’t see my float.

Quick change and plumbed up top 2 swim to my left and drip feed here while waiting for sun to move. 15 mins later and into F1 and they were coming from this swim as well but not as regularly. Then lost one close, foul hooked but it seemed to kill this swim as couldn’t buy a bite.

The sun finally moved round so I could fish my right hand swim but fish had gone, what started off so well was now turning into a struggle. Going into the last hour everyone at our end all seemed to be catching now, where as I was really struggling for a bite with just the odd fish coming. Making matters worse was watching Lance in the last hour have fish after fish as they moved over his feeder line. The all out came and I felt dejected that my initial good start had petered away so badly.

Well the weigh in was done with the following results

1. Lance Glover 28lb 9oz peg 1
2. Big Sam (Guest) 23lb 14oz peg 11
3. Mike Roberts 21lb 6oz peg 15
4. Keith Bradshaw 21lb 2oz peg 3
5. Mark Elton 14lb 10oz peg 10
6. Leigh Betteridge 13lb 4oz peg 34
7. Andy Wooley 9lb 8oz peg 7
8. Adi Nettleton 8lb peg 25
9. Andy Hobbins 7lb 8oz peg 12
10. Paul Twigger 5lb 9oz peg 21
11. Tina Glover 3lb 5oz peg 4
12. Aubrey Marsden 2lb 12oz peg 2
13. Paul Clay 11oz peg 13
+ 1 no shows

Disappointed with the match as it started so well but went wrong, the one swim I couldn’t do anything as the sun stopped me dead and the lost fish on the close in swim seemed to kill it. Maybe should of started another swim, but the people who struggled early on up my end of the lake had feed heavy cupping it in where as I had drip feed all match and the fish seemed to move over there swims in the last hour. Maybe a chuck away heavily feed swim for the next match. All my fish came to either 4mm Schnitzel Wurst or Ringers Cool water expanders on the Black Ice Slim rig altering the depth between the 2 swims.

So roll on round 4 back on the Club Pool.