Round 4 saw the car frosted up and showing -1.5 as I loaded my tackle. But soon in the piggery for pre-match breakfast and banter with the others. The league was close after 3 rounds with it still wide open so plenty to fish for in this penultimate round.

Round to club pool, conditions were sunny and bright but still cold. Lance had pegged the whole lake pegging every other swim to give us plenty of room. I drew peg 13 putting me on end of island on the shaded bank.

My swim

I had decided main attack was to be pellet this match again thanks to info on Saturdays match (Cheers Matt6900) but had taken maggot just in case. Set up for 3 rigs to fish to cover close in at bottom of slope which also covered 6m, a shallow rig for corner reeds and across to island. Last rig was for a ledge half way down the slope.

Rig 1 was Drennan Lake 0.2g (original wire tipped) on 0.10 line to 0.10 hook length and Tubertini series 808 size 20 for my pellet line at bottom of slope and at`6m straight out in front. Elastic was white hydro.

Rig 2 was a Preston Somo 4 x 10 on 0.10 line to 0.10 hook length and Tubertini series 808 size 20 for the ledge on the slope to my left and right. Elastic was Milo krypton 12.

Rig 3 was a Maver Black Ice Slim 3 x 8 on 0.10 line to 0.10 hook length and Tubertini series 808 size 22. This was fished the corner reeds and across at 14.5m. Elastic was white hydro.

After setting up I had Charlie across from me and Mike next peg.

Some of the lads on the other bank were down to t-shirts already as the sun shone but our bank was still cold with a nice layer of frost.

My plan was the same as the last match to drip feed the TBF micro pellets and fish pellet over the top.

At the all in straight out on to bottom of the slope with 4mm expander and small pot of TBF micros. Sat on this swim for 15/20 minutes with out a indication Adi 2 pegs to my right was having a fish a chuck across on the maggot. Head down and try the 6m swim same approach same result not a bite. Hour gone and had tried 5 swims with out a bite whilst I could see the odd fish coming out apart from Adi who was still getting them on the maggot.

Bite…small carp kicks me off against the corner reeds, followed by another. Then across to the island and another small carp. This was basically the pattern for the remainder of the match, take a fish from the reeds then over to the island and try and snare another from there. Even had a visit from the Environment Agency for licence check who had to wait while I landed a fish from across. The last hour catch rate had slowed but knew it had not fished well with only Adi having his early burst and he had struggled since. So head down and keep putting the odd fish in the net. Only the 2 swims produced, kept trying the bottom of slope but could not get a bite.

The weigh in was done with the following results

1. Adi Nettleton 17lb 12oz peg 17
2. Andy Hobbins 16lb 12oz peg 8
3. Leigh Betteridge 13lb 8oz peg 13
4. Paul Twigger 7lb 12oz peg 2
5. Mark Elton 7lb 8oz peg 19
6. Andy Wooley 6lb 8oz peg 10
7= Paul Clay 2lb 10oz peg 21
7= Lance Glover 2lb 10oz peg 24
9. Mike Roberts 2lb peg 15
10. Aubrey Marsden 7oz peg 10
11. Charlie Ford DNW peg 11
+ 2 no shows

Adi’s quick start had been enough to win him the match with no-one able to claw back his good start. He had feed bronze maggot across from the start and had fish from the 1st put in, although he did lose them later on in the match. Andy had caught steadily through the match taking his fish on the corn across to island and down the track.

Lance did try the feeder again but unfortunately for him didn't get a bite this time

Quite pleased with the match in general as it had fished harder, don’t know if it was the cold start as I did struggle for the 1st hour. Could not buy a bite on maggot when I tried it and had all my fish on expanders and 4mm Carp Vader Schnitzel Wurst again. All the fish falling to the same rig altering the depth between the 2 swims.

Still plenty of room for improvement but looking forward to the last match on New pool as the league open to a few for the prizes. When Lance has done the league will update the blog. but I am in the mix in the top 3 I think.

Now can’t wait for final round on New Pool.