Well the last round was soon on us and knowing I was leading the league by a point I was looking forward to it. Seems a long time since the 1st match weighing in 2 ounces with one bite. A lot had been learnt since then so needed to put it into practice today to keep any chance of winning the league.

After picking young charlie up quick drive down for breakfast and a brew (the piggery was heaving). The normal banter taking place over brekkie with a few mentions of nerves and blowing out aimed in my direction (cheers SUMO). Also met a fellow TalkAngling member Pole Killer who was fishing as a guest, nice bloke as well .

We were to share the new pool with another match and was told we had pegs 30 to 44. having never fished this pool I had asked my TBF mentor before and he had informed me peg 44 possibly as the best peg on there, so waited my turn at draw, it had not come out as I delved in and pulled out………peg 35 never mind and then Lance pulls out peg 44 with a big smile. Going to my peg it looked alright with a couple of small bushes hanging over on the far bank at about 9m and I could see one of the anglers I needed to keep a eye on but not Curtains or Sumo (1 point behind me) who were both a threat for the league.

My Peg

Well set up as normal but this peg was quite shallow but found some depth at 4m and plumbed up along the far bank finding 4 swims same depth and down the side as well.

Rig 1 Drennan Chop 4 x 10 on 0.10 line to 0.10 hook length and Tubertini series 808 size 20 for the far bank tight to the bushes and along the far bank swims. Elastic was Black hydro.

Rig 2 Maver Black Ice Slim 3 x 8 on 0.10 line to 0.10 hook length and Tubertini series 808 size 20. This was to fish top 2 left and right and towards corner reed at 5m. Elastic was white hydro.

Rig 3 Maver Black Ice Slim 3 x 8 on 0.10 line to 0.10 hook length and Tubertini series 808 size 22. This was to fish in the deeper water just off the corner bush at 10m. Elastic was white hydro.

The weather was overcast with a cold wind but with rain forecast later on.

At the all in went across directly in front of me and feed small pot of pellets and dropped in. After a little wait the float dipped and lifted into my 1st carp, feed it again and waited for a while no more indications so tried next to left hand bush again waited float dipped and carp on its way again. All the time feed my left and right margins trickling it in.

Tried the right hand bush on far bank and float dipped and in again, continued to work along the far bank with 1 or 2 carp from each swim. Not emptying the place but happy I was more than in contention with the anglers around me. Back to the left hand bush and float dipped and was briefly connected to something a bit bigger that snagged me in the roots as it was solid having to pull for the break, one trashed rig. Feed the far swim and put on identical rig altering depth to suit but decided to try inside and hopefully give them time to settle again.

Not being able to see Curtains or Sumo weren’t sure how they were doing. Kept my head down tried the inside lines picking smaller carp from left hand but nothing from right hand side. Could only see Twigger now catching regularly so knew I was close to him. Young Charlie was on walk about so he filled me in on his way past that Curtains admitting to 17 carp and Sumo not admitting to anything (which normally means he’s doing well).

Back over to far bank and picking the odd carp from each swim, then disaster again. Bringing a F1 across shipped back broke at top 2 raised it, missed as I scooped at it. No problem get it again as it head for the middle and everything locked up, it had found a solid snag down the middle, couldn’t believe it so ended up trashing another rig. Decided to stick it out on the other rigs altering one to cover the far bank and fishing the other on the inside lines. Kept my head down and was into my last fish right on the whistle.

Wasn’t sure how I had done but was convinced slightly behind Twigger as he seemed to have bigger fish from time he was playing them. Word came round that Sumo and Curtains had both done well, so knew they both had to beat me by a couple of places. When scales got to me Twigger had 25lb 4oz, I weighed in at 24lb 8oz so quite pleased but had to wait and see what the others had. SUMO lifted his net out it was going to be close…. 24lb 10oz leaving us tied on points but I had a better weight. Curtains weighed in at 17lb 12oz giving me the league. I was well chuffed, all fish being taken on schnitzel wurst flavoured cool water expanders. Anyway weights below and final league positions

1st Paul Twigger 25lb 4oz peg 32
2nd Mark Elton (sumo) 24lb 10oz peg 39
3rd Leigh Betteridge (Leigh66) 24lb -8oz peg 35
4th Lance Glover (curtains) 17lb 12oz peg 44
5th Andy Wooley 16lb 8oz peg 31
6th Keith Bradshaw 14lb peg 38
7th Andy Hobbins 13lb 4oz peg 36
8th Mike Roberts 12lb 8oz peg 40
9th Paul Clay 1lb 3oz peg 43
Charlie Ford DNW
Aubery Marsden DNW
Pole Killer DNW
+ 2 no shows

1st Leigh Betteridge (Leigh66) 20pts - 59lb 13oz
2nd Mark Elton (sumo) 20pts - 50lb 12oz
3rd Lance Glover (curtains) 23pts
4th Andy Wooley 24pts
5th Paul Twigger 25pts - 47lb - 15oz
6th Andy Hobbins 25pts - 43lb - 8oz
7th Mike Roberts (canalking) 32pts
8th Keith Bradshaw 35pts
9th Aubrey Marsden 44pts
10th Paul Clay 46pts
11th Adi Nettleton 47pts
12th Charlie Ford 61pts
13th Tina Glover 62pts

Apart from the 1st match it’s been a enjoyable winter league and looking forward to the next matches.