After picking Mike up nice steady drive up the M1 to Dockholme for the 1st of our clubs summer aggregate matches. After last year’s match the thoughts of more skimmers filled my mind but as we chatted the previous week’s heavy rain came into the conversation, would it have any affect on the canal.

Had prepared my bread the night before and the plan was punch, squatt and slop, caster and chopped worm/caster giving me plenty of options when I got to the match.

After unloading and setting up my space shuttle, was quick walk down to the canal. It had been pegged from the overflow below the lock down. Looking down the canal there were a few moored boats on far bank so either one of those swims or the overflow would be preferable. Hand into the draw bag and out comes peg 9, quick walk down the canal and I’m in a swim between 2 boats, sod’s law, and one of the boats is the one I won it from last year. To my left I had keith for company and to my right young Charley.

My swim showing boat to my right

and boat to my left

Setting up 3m whip for inside line with a 0.7g float to fish hard on bottom, this did for a swim to my left and one to my right.

Set up for down the track to my left at 8m with old Image punch floats, for bread.

Across against garden wall 2 swims at 11 o’clock and 1 o’clock, feed 1st with chopped worm and caster and second with caster only.

Well to cut a very long story short the match fished dire with 6 catching and 8 dry nets. I was one of the lucky 6 weighing in 9 roach and one gudegeon for 2oz all taken on the 3m whip fishing squatt over groundbait. These mostly all came in the 1st hour before trying all the other swims but could not muster a bite.
Aubrey had easily won the match with 4 chub from the overflow, there were the odd chub lost (not many) but it had fished extremely poor. The canal looked sock on for colour but none of the smaller fish from last year showed at all.

Overall not a great start to the series by far but at least got some points on the board.

Also of note Andy Wooley had his pole broken by a impatient jogger who moved it and snapped it proceeded to run off before things could be sorted, what makes it so frustrating is there is another tarmac path behind the canal path that you can fit a car down that 95% of people used apart from 1 jogger and 4 moutain bikers (unbelievable)

1st Aubrey Marsden 7lb - 6oz.
2nd Mike Roberts (canalking) 3oz
3rd Leigh Betteridge (Leigh66) 2oz
Adi Nettleton 2oz
5th Keith Bradshaw 1.5oz
6th Cris Jenkins .5oz
Lance Glover (curtains) DNW
Mark Elton (sumo) DNW
Joe Elton DNW
Paul Twigger DNW
Charlie Ford DNW
Dave Spellman DNW
Paul Clay DNW
Andy Wooley DNW