Second match in our clubs summer aggregate series saw me picking Mike up and taking steady drive down to TBF for breakfast. Spongebob has joined the club so was nice to meet another Talkangling member and Polekiller was guesting again hoping for more nuggets from his usual victims.

Lance was pegging the pool out ready for the match as we took a quick drive round. At the draw either end of the island would have been nice but pulled out peg 3 putting me 3 pegs down on the road side.

For company i had Tina to my left and Paul to my right with the grinning face of Polekiller opposite.

Setting up inside rigs, down the track and rig for across covered my options.
Peg 3

Rig 1 Drennan Lake 0.2g on 0.10 line to 0.10 hook length and Tubertini series 808 size 20 for down the track. Elastic was Hollo red 11H.

Rig 2 Maver Black Ice Slim 3 x 8 on 0.11 line to 0.10 hook length and Tubertini series 808 size 20. This was to fish top 2 left and right at the edge of the reeds. Elastic was Milo Krpton 12.

Rig 3 Preston Chianti 3 x 8 on 0.11 line to 0.10 hook length and Tubertini series 808 size 20. This was to fish across on top of the shelf and also shallow down the track. Elastic was white hydro.

Match kicked off at 9.00am with a slight breeze into my face and with a fine drizzle.

Dampened micros were feed on the nearside swims on the whistle and into a small F1 within 5 minutes. More followed over the next 25 minutes but then this swim died a little, coincidently as numerous cars passed behind us for other matches. So it was out down the track feeding micros sparingly and it took a while to get my 1st bite over this swim. Fish were coming out in most swims I could see with Polekiller going through a good spell close in opposite me. As I took the odd fish by alternating my swims.

I had feed a pot of pellets and sweetcorn in right over at the start as a throw away swim and decided to try this after alternating between my inside lines and down the track as bites were now slowing. 1st put in and float sails away and another carp on its way over to me. After this I was having the bites but could I hit them,

Hindsight is great but I spent to long on this line trying to hit them/get it right. As soon as I came back to my nearside swims I was into fish again although now it was a case of taking one from a swim then changing to another, having to wait a bit longer between bites and keep working the float.

I could see Andy Wooley on the end peg on opposite bank catching consistently and knew I had fell behind him, but was doing well on our bank.

With a hour to go Spongebob (next swim to Polekiller) had 2 mad ducks deciding to choose his swim to start a duck war in, he couldn't shift them as it sounded as though they were having a right barny churning and splashing. Fair play to Spongebob he kept his head down and did manage to get fish from his swim before the end of the match. Got to say banter between Sponge and Polekiller was great.

All the fish I caught except the one from far side were on expanders (3mm, 4mm and 4.5mm ringers cool waters and sonubaits pumped and flavoured with Schnitzel Wurst) and all were carp apart from 2 small tench with counter showing 31 fish at the final whistle.

The left hand nearside produced majority of fish with various other swims giving the odd fish. Didn't have anything shallow either.

As the scales came round to me I put 30lb 4oz on the board which I didn't think would be enough. Was in the lead until Sumo who put 39lb on the scales, then last to weigh in was Andy who put 50lb on the scales to win the match.

1st Andy Wooley 50lb - peg 25
2nd Mark Elton (sumo) 39lb 4oz - peg
3rd Leigh Betteridge (Leigh66) 30lb 4oz - peg 3
4th Bob (spongebob) 23lb 12oz - peg 22
5th Keith Bradshaw 23lb - peg
6th polekiller 21lb - peg 23
7th Joe Elton 19lb - peg
8th Chris Jenkins 16lb 8oz - peg 1
9th Mike Roberts (canal king) 14lb 6oz - peg
10th Kyle Glover 14lb - peg 24
11th Aubrey Marsden 8lb 6oz - peg
12th Kev Harris 7lb 8oz - peg 5
13th Lance Glover 7lb 6oz - peg
14th Adi Nettleton 6lb 12oz - peg
15th Tina Glover 6lb 2oz - peg 2
16th Paul Clay 5lb 2oz - peg 4
17th Paul Twigger 3lb - peg
18th Dave Spellman 2lb 8oz - peg
+ 2 no shows

Still have not got the tactics right for TBF but slight improvement everytime helps. Will def be back down to try and get it sorted.