I have tried posting this twice so hopefully third time lucky

Third match in our clubs summer aggregate series saw me undecided whether to go or not as it had been my fathers funeral at the end of week and wasn’t really in the mood but decided it may be good as a pick me up.

So sunday morning saw me picking Mike (canalking) up and short drive to the Grebe. For those that don’t know these are a syndicate waters that back onto Makins phase 1 and 2. Quick dip of the nets and chat as waited for all to turn up, with 25 fishing todays match.

There were quite a few of the club members there who I would like to thank for there kind words.

The pool had been pegged out the previous night but as there were a few guests another 5 pegs were added. The knock out draw was announced and I was pitted against Spongebob. So a quick dip in the draw bag and I pulled out peg 13, which I knew was on the far bank hopefully at the end of the island .

Loaded the space shuttle up and walked round the lake to my peg, little disappointed as I was one peg from the end of the island which meant feeder and pellet waggler into open water.

The Grebe

For company I had Tina (curtains boss) opposite me and Bob (a guest) to my left with the whole corner being left out (4 pegs) so may be able to draw some fish but sods law bush to my right stops me casting into corner. The wind was a gentle breeze blowing from my right to left. I did ask Bob where he would be chucking his feeder as I was hoping he would be concentrating on the bay in the island in front of him and leave me a chuck to the end but he was going for both so that ruled that out.

Setting up a method rod and pellet waggler to hopefully get some of the resident carp and 2 pole lines for at 8m and margins this would hopefully cover my options.

Peg 13 with Tina opposite

Rig 1 MW tapered D 0.2g on 0.13 line to 0.11 hook length and kamasan B911 size 14. Elastic was Hollo green preston.

Rig 2 MW Power margin 0.1g on 0.15 line to 0.13 hook length and kamasan B911 size 14. This was to fish top 2 left and right under some bushes. Elastic was purple hydro.

Match kicked off at 9.00am with sun shining and me still plumbing my 8m rig.

A pot of meat and hemp was placed into my margin swims and pot of pellets and caster at 8m. Whilst I was doing this Bob on the next swim was playing his 1st carp on the feeder .

I chucked the feeder out and waited…….5minutes and the tip twitched and then shot round as I struck into a small carp. Feeder back out and ………..nothing, I kept the feeder going in regularly to get some feed out but they were not interested. The normal dilemma for me now is how long to sit it out on not one of my favourite methods, but knowing this lake is normally won on the feeder I persevered but all the time trickling meat into my margin swims and caster/pellets going in at 8m. I was also firing the odd pouch of 6mm pellets out to see if any sign for the pellet waggler. Another pull on the tip see’s a second carp hit the net neither of them being any size.

There were now a few carp cruising as the sun got higher and temps rose so I was pinging out pellets on a regular basis but no signs of any interest at all. Again I found myself clock watching as I waited for a sign on the tip or as I was firing out pellets. As there was no sign on the tip I gave the pellet waggler a go where I had been feeding but again not a knock. It had been fairly quite on the scales front so knew it could not be fishing that well (as any carp over 5lb has to be weighed and returned )

It was definitely time to try the margins as the feeder and pellet were going nowhere. So dropped in a piece of red meat and the float settled twitched and shot under, struck into a small crucian which I didn’t think was a good sign but back out and topped up via toss pot and waited for 5 minutes and it was away again, this time a even smaller tench was the culprit. Decided to leave it and try the 8m swim on with a ringer expander and I was getting small iffy bites on this rig which I put down to the small rudd and I could not hit them. Did try shallowing up just in case up in water but still nothing. It was turning into one of those days as Tina opposite had now had 2 weighers from the end of the island.

As there were a few smaller fish topping close in I thought I might as well put some of these in the net as I was putting nothing else in so set up another top kit with light on the drop rig and started getting small rudd and roach every cast. Putting a few in the net in the next half hour. Then Bob the other side had a weigher and knowing he had nothing else + Tina had added a few smaller carp I knew I had to sit out the last ¾ hour on the margin rig hoping for one of the resident lumps to gain a few places back and some better points.

As the scales came round to me I put 4lb 14oz on the board which I was disappointed with but hadn’t lost a fish or missed any bites on the feeder so just think I drew out of it at this end of lake.

Unfortunately due to the thieving s who took Lance and Tinas tackle I cannot put down the results as they even pinched the result sheets as well as all there tackle

1st Keith Bradshaw 40lb

Disappointing match and the lake had fished poorly as the weights were right down. When we figure out the full results I will update the blog, I think only good thing about the day was I beat Spongebob in the knockout but probably got that wrong as well.