I had been looking forward to this match for a while as it is a very worthwhile charity. It meant a lot as my father had recently passed away from cancer and if his treatment had gone to plan he was going to come up with me to sit behind me, I’m sure he was there with me anyway as he started me fishing as a kid and I had continued to go with him as I grew up and through my adult years, last time being in Cornwall last year.

Back to the day, Sumo and Curtains were on this match as well so we had arranged to meet at Sumo’s at 5.30am so Curtains could follow me up, allowing for any traffic on the 2 hour drive up . Curtains had managed to get enough tackle together to go thanks to people’s kind generosity, just to goes to show there are still good people out there.

We arrived at Lindholme at around 8.00am to find it busy already, after parking up the other 2 went for breakfast while I had a wander round and a quick look at the lakes as it was my first visit. I did bump into DNW as I wandered round in his Forest top and had a quick chat, before buying some pellets, raffle tickets and dipping my nets.

Getting in the queue for the draw it was a good wait, as you can imagine with so many anglers but there was plenty of banter flying around amongst the local anglers around me which was a good crack. Sumo and Curtains found me in the queue to let me know they had both drawn on Bonsai

In for the draw and pulled out peg 12 on the Bonsai outside to find the other 2 and can you believe it was 1 peg away from Curtains. Back to the cars and quick drive round to the pegs with Curtains dropping Sumo off to save his little legs. Just to show what a good bunch anglers are Curtains was offered extensions to use on his pole as he could not reach the islands by the anglers either side of him, great blokes. The extension that took him to the island was probably the best pole he had ever held as sure it was a Daiwa Connoisseur and there was a friendly atmosphere between the anglers pegged close by showing what kind of day it was.

Curtains Peg

My peg

I was pleased with the peg as I had 2 end of islands to target, so set up 3 rigs from info given on how this pool fishes.

Rig 1 Drennan carp 4 0.2g on 0.11 line to 0.10 hook length and kamasan b911 size 18 on white hydrolastic for fishing caster shallow which I had been told was doing well.

Rig 2 Preston Chianti 3 x 8 on 0.11 line to 0.10 hook length and Kamasan B911 size 16 on black hydrolastic for across to the islands

Rig 3 Maver Black Ice Slim 3 x 8 on 0.11 line to 0.10 hook length and Tubertini series 808 size 20 on milo 12 latex for just off the islands at the bottom of the shelf.

I had been told a small method would be good as well but ran out of time and not my favourite method and as being as it was more about the day than the match I decided against it. Once set up it was a quick walk back to the café and Neil the owner gave us a quick run down on the rules and his missing cups (anyone there will no this had got a bee in his bonnet) The all in was put back to 10.30am and would be sounded by his shotgun. Back to peg final adjustments and loaded my cupping kit ready and yes you def heard the shotgun sounding the all in.

Half a pot of pellets and meat were deposited against the reeds on the left hand island and a few pellets fired over the to the right hand island. Then onto the shallow rig as the angler on my right peg was already into his 1st F1 shallow and Curtains was already reeling in his 1st carp on the method . Started on the shallow rig with casters going out regularly, the guy to my right was getting fish regularly and Curtains was picking up the odd one. I was getting the odd bite but was missing them, tried altering depth but to no avail the bites were quicker than me striking . I kept feeding the island swims with the odd pouchful of pellets and a margin swim with meat and pellets. After a frustrating hour n half of being battered by guy to my right shallow I tried the left island swim, but nothing doing there either so swapped to right island swim was rewarded with a small carp, at least hadn’t blanked. Basically for the rest of the match I alternated between the 2 island swims picking the odd fish from each swim taking them on meat and ringers 4.5mm expanders flavoured in Carp Vader Schnitzel Wurst. Ended up altering all my rigs to fish up against islands with either meat or pellets. At the all out I had 9 carp and 1 barbel, losing as many again with 2 snapping my hook lengths. The scales came round and I was given 14lb beating curtains 13lb 8oz . The guy to my right had truly battered me as he weighed in 40lb all shallow on caster but the guy between Curtains and me had dry netted.

After packing away grabbed a quick burger and met up with a few Talk-angling members Polepot, Complete Tangler, Oneabung and his dad. Did spot Rive T but never got time to say hello as the raffle started and results read out at one point during raffle as well. Hope you have found a use for your laminator and dishes Simon . I think we left at about 6.30pm after the raffle had finished and Complete Tangler had donated some more tackle to Curtains, well done chap. Just got back in time to see Man Utd open the scoring.

A thoroughly enjoyable day out, very well organised (hats off to Kev) and was impressed with Lindholme Lakes as well, a well run and maintained fishery.