Been busy with work so time to catach upon some matches.

Greeted with a warm sunny morning as I packed my tackle into the car and went to pick up Mike (canalking), banter on the way was the usual what methods and how will it fish. On arriving stopped off to by some of the fishery pellets and down the track to the car park.

We had a walk around the lake as we waited for curtains to turn up and the lake was carrying some extra water with the owner putting extra pallets on some pegs to raise them out of the water on the early pegs.

Once Curtains arrived, quick hand to help him peg out and back to make the draw, I had fancied the early pallet pegs but ended up opposite bank in the woods, can’t seem to draw for toffee at the moment.

My peg

Sue on the 1st sunken pegs

After loading the shuttle up it was a nice push through the woods to the last peg on this bank. It put me out on a platform and with reeds to my right and a bush hanging out into the lake on my left (with plenty of line and pole floats in it) it didn’t look to bad (I should of realised what was in store)

Set up method feeder, pellet waggler and margin rigs for either side. I have been experimenting with the Sonubaits groundbait mixes this season so used this for the method with a Garbolino inline speed feeder.

Set up a small Preston loaded pellet waggler with a hair rigged band and planned to use some of the fishery 6mm on the hook.

Right margin I was going to target with paste 0.17 powerline straight through to 14 B911 with A Maver black Ice self cocking paste float.

Left margin luncheon meat over hemp and pellets on 0.17 powerline to 0.17 hook length and 16 B911 and Mick Wilkinson power margin.

On the all in I cupped in my margin lines, the 2 lads (Joe and Keith) on the point cast there feeders straight out which basically cut my feeder options back straight away, so clipped up short of there lines and sat waiting whilst firing pellets out onto my shallow line. Joe was soon into his 1st carp but not a twitch on mine or anyone’s along my bank. All the time feeding the 6mm pellets over my shallow line and feeding the margins. I did manage to snare a very small carp after 30+ minutes and decided to stick it out for at least the 1st hour as Joe was still getting a few on his feeder line but else where it all seemed very slow as the sun kept beating down so I kept pinging pellets out looking for signs. Had a small pull round and struck into a skimmer. It was now red hot and not a lot was being caught at all with quite a few still waiting for a bite. Tried the pellet waggler at regular intervals but they were just not having it, although I did keep the pellets going in regularly.

Temptation was to much so time to try the margins, slipped out the paste and potted it in but no signs at all after 15 minutes so on with some meat and try the bush. After 5 minutes small dip and lifted into a lump which I was attached to briefly for a moment before it locked me solid in the bush. Ended up pulling for break and on with another hooklength, checked depth and out again. After 15 minutes same scenario brief extraction of my elastic before solid in bush again (was beginning to see why all the line on the bush). I had plumbed up a couple foot away from the bush as well finding the same depth at beginning so decided to try here to give me more of a chance of getting one out. Typically sat there with not a knock and you know you shouldn’t but next to the bush again. Result same as before couple of brief lunges as I try to pull it away from bush and then solid…….on with another hooklength, followed by losing another again.

I was to say the least a wee bit frustrated by now so out with a 0.19 rig set it to same depth but straight through and tightened the elastic up, me thinks the next one is coming out. After sitting for 10 minutes float dips I strike into another and pull pole round trying to force it away from the bush, seems to be on for a longer than before then…………BANG sounds like a shotgun but its not its my new top 8 typically the fish is still on as I grab at the elastic and try and handline it but nope the bush and fish win again locking me solid. Have to pull for a break and think more peed off that I lost me MW float than me top 2 . Plenty of choice comments aimed in my direction by fellow club members make you feel better as well

Enough’s enough remains thrown up the bank and feeder is out as I sit peed off. Did have another skimmer before the all out but was relieved this one was over.

Packed up still muttering to myself as I think everyone on the lake heard the bang and were so sympathetic (not) Have not got the full results but it did not fish anywhere near its potential and was glad to see the back of this one. Fair play to Mike on this one he targeted the skimmers from the off and it nearly paid off for him fishing pellet over micros

1st Joe Elton - 20lb 4oz method and punched meat
2nd Mike roberts (canalking) 20lb
3rd Aubrey Marsden 15lb - 12oz
4th Mark Elton (sumo) 15lb - 5oz
5th Lance Glover (curtains) 14lb - 4oz

Leigh Betteridge (leigh66) 3lb + one broken top 2