I missed the first match due to a family holiday but continued my good run of form with 2 3rd place finishes in the next 2 matches at Hackett lakes with 35lb of small carp on the method and 20lb of carp at Wolds fishery near Melton Mowbray. The final match of the month was also the first leg of the second round of the club knockout. I was drawn against probably the best angler in the club on a venue he fishes very well. We were on Serpent lake at lakeview and after a difficult day I was fortunate to be only 3lb behind him and I picked up a section win in the process.


Due to family committments I was only able to fish 2 matches. The first was a disasterous match back at lakeview where I drew an area de-void of fish and struggled for 9lb and the second was the second leg of the knockout.

This was fished at Eye Kettleby lake 5 and coincided with a challenge match with another club. Unfortunately this meant that virtually every peg was taken so fishing was going to be hard. Luckily I drew 2 pegs away from my opponent so I could keep and eye on how things were going. I managed to get a run of fish going from the far bank so I thought it would be close. Come the weigh in my opponent weighed in 16lb 10oz so I needed 19lb 11oz to win. I weighed my carp net first and it weighed 19lb 6 oz so with a handfull of bits in my other net I knew I was through. I finished the match in 5th place overall but 2nd in our club standings.


The month started well with a 2nd at Wolds Fishery with 39lb of carp on the method. The second match of the month caused some controversy. The venue has a number of rules including a 50lb per net limit and fishery feed pellets only. I finshed 5th with 48lb but 1 angler finishing above me had over 50lb in a net and another 1 used a well known brand of pellet instead of the fishery ones because he thought the fishery ones were of poor quality. Both anglers were not disqualified even though the match secretary knew of both offences after the match. I can have sympathy with the net limit offence as he was only 2lb over and its hard to calculate weight at a mixed fishery where 1 fish can be a 5lb carp and the next a 10 oz ide. However the pellet issue was the one that concerned me as the angler knew about the rule before the match and deliberatly broke it. I have been told that this matter will be raised at the club agm so I wait with anticipation to see what will happen.

The last 2 matchs of the month were a disaster. Back at lakeview for 5lb on Serpent again and then the final match was the first leg of the knockout semi final. There were 3 anglers left so the one with the lowest weight after the next 2 legs would miss out on the final to be fished at Jansons fishery on November 16th.

The match was fished on the notoriously peggy 4 Islands lake at Portland. History shows that if you are not drawn on the inner island pegs then you will struggle. I drew a peg on the outer side that in our last 2 matches on the lake the previous anglers both blanked. The other 2 semi finalist both drew on the inner pegs so I had my work cut out. I managed to weigh in 5lb 8oz while my 2 opponents weighed in 13lb and 21lb.


This would turn out to be another very good month with a 2nd place in the first match at Eye Kettleby and a 3rd place on a very hard match at Frisby Pits. I finsihed 5th in the next match at Little john Lakes with a nice bag that contained a bream of about 5lb. The final match of the month was the 2nd leg of the semi final. This was to be fished back at Mill Dam on the match lake. After the draw I was able to see both other anglers so i could change plans If I had to according to how they were catching. The day started great with 4 ide in 4 put ins over to the far side before anyone else even had a bite. However after both anglers caught carp soon after I had to change focus from the small ide at 14.5mtrs to try and get some bigger fish. I had fed a line at 5 mtrs straight in front and started to catch crucians and larger ide from this line. I also had fed a margin line to the next peg with corn so about 1pm tried this line with a nice big juicy worm on the hook and a lovely 4lb carp found its way to my net. I fished these 2 lines for the rest of the match catching 1 or 2 fish from each before going to the other 1. I put another net in at about 3pm ( I didnt want to break the 50lb limit ) and went about 35 mins before I caught again before 3 fish including one just before the whistle gave me a total weight of 53lb which was more than enough for a match win as 2nd place only had 37lb and also meant I had qualified for the final. The other 2 anglers weighed in 14lb and 20lb.


Novemeber started with a hard match at Goosedale Fishery. Only 7 anglers braved the cold and rain. The winner had 6 carp and bits for over 20lb while I finished 3rd with 7lb 10oz of small fish and 1 small carp. The angler who finished 2nd had around 2lb with 20 mins to go but managed to hook and land an 11lb 15oz carp before the whistle. I was gutted my days hard work had been wiped out by one fish although it took great skill to land it on light lines and no 6 elastic. The match last week was a complete waste of time. It was fished on the Old lake at Portland and the winner had 7lb 10oz while I managed 3 fish for 3lb 8oz.

Well thats a not so quick catch up of my season so far. This weekend is the knockout cup final so Saturday will be spent making new rigs and checking elastics and sorting my gear out. Hope you enjoyed the read and tune in next week for a review of the final.

Thanks and Tight Lines