The chosen venue was Jansons fishery just off the A52 on the way Grantham. After having a sneaky practice a few weeks before I was able to formulate a plan and spent Saturday afternoon preparing rigs and getting elastics correct. As the fish are mostly small stockies my rigs consisted of 0.12 fox micron + to size .10 hooklengths with a size 16 or 18 Mustad wide gape hook.

I set up one rig with a .30 Preston series H float for fishing the far bank and as I plumed up I found I could use the same rig down the inside. Elastic was a 12 latex set soft. Another rig was set up with a Garbo DC6 .2 but had preston 11h as the elastic.

The day started well with a small carp first put in follwed by a couple of small ide. The first hour flew by and by chopping and changing baits and lines I kept fish coming. About this time I could see others catching close in so I decided to feed some bait into the margins on both sides.

I decided to fish fairly close down the margins ( topkit and short 4 ) so to hedge my bets I put a big pot of pellets on 1 side and a small handfull down the other side and contined to fish the far side for 10 mins to let the fish settle. After 10 mins I baited up with a grain of corn and went in down the side where I put the big pot. I had lots of liners but no proper bites so I left that alone and tried the other side where i got a bite straight away. 3 fish soon follwed and it looked like I was in for a busy day. I threw another small handfull of pellets in and tried the other side again. This time the fish had settled and I managed a run of 6 fish in 6 put ins. I alternated between both swins taking a few from each before feeding and changing sides. I started to use my second net at 1pm and in the final 2 hours had 32lb of small stockies. Enjoyable fishing but not exactly hard.

I finished the match with 54lb 13 oz for 3rd. The winner had caught from the inside from the off and weighed 79lb and 2nd place had 63lb. There were also back up weights of 47lb and 34lb so it fished very well.

Did I win the knockout though I hear you ask. The answer is YES but not in the way I would have liked. The other angler didnt turn up due to a shoulder injury so I won by default BUT in the semi finals I had the top weight so I think I deserved to win.

Thats my club matches over for the year so I wont be fishing for a couple of months but I will still post some blog entries as I start my preparations for next years season. Hopefully that will include choosing a new pole but dont tell the missus.

Tight Lines