We carpers are a restless breed, always busy in an endless search for anything that we believe will give us an edge on the bank. We want to discover the holy grail of carp angling; we want to find the ultimate carp rig that will catch every carp that ever swam. The carp industry understands this well and feeds this need with polished marketing and endless stream of new ideas (which are usually old ideas re-hashed). The result is the modern carp angling scene, and it’s a pretty confusing place full of contradictions and folklore. It has its own trends and, in certain circles, one wouldn’t be seen dead fishing with a choddy, it’s sooo last year. I think it’s fair to say that more nonsense is written about rigs than all the other carp angling topics put together.

Why you shouldn’t follow trends

Unless you understand the reasons behind the design of a rig, the exact range of situations it’s designed to be used in, it’s not possible to have much confidence in it. Sure you’ll try it a few times, you’ll probably catch a few, but you’ll change it for the world’s next best rig when you see something that you like. The problems with this approach are:

1. It’s expensive, (how many different types of hook links and hook patterns can you find in your tackle box?)
2. Excess tackle slows you down and makes you more static, this makes it harder to move onto showing fish which on many waters is the difference between catching and blanking.
3. It prevents you from building confidence in your rig and carping is all about confidence.
4. It distracts you from the fundamentals of carp angling which are fish location and baiting strategy.

Get back to basics

As the years roll by I’ve listened, learned, and experimented until one day I realised that the best thing that I could do was stop tinkering. I’d already arrived at something that I have total faith in and only when I deviated from it did my results suffer. I’ve shared it with others and I’ve witnessed with my own eyes the effect it can have for them. By not changing rigs and removing the gremlin of, “Rig doubt”, from my mind, I fish better and that’s all that anyone could want.

Thinking for yourself

I was going to include a link at the end of the above piece which would take you directly to a, “How to”, article on my rig. But I changed my mind.....
You see it’s no good you just following a yet another “how to” article is it? It won’t help you break the circle. If you really want to break free from rig fashion you’re going to have to learn to think for yourself. Think about your rig and how you present it to the carp in its domain. Imagine that you are a carp, imagine what you can see, taste, smell and feel but remember to think with your carp brain rather than your human one. Then all you need to do is build your confidence in a rig that works on your chosen venue and this takes years... sorry there are no shortcuts.