peg 4 Bessies 23rd July

My next club match is to be held on the new water at Hall lane which is called Bessies and because i haven't fished this lake before , i also couldn't find much information about it on the internet either so their was only one way i could find it out and that was to have a trip down and give it a fish . After speaking to the owner the night before and he let me know that our Balmoral fishing club would be pegs 1 to 25 and their would also be two other smaller matches on the 72 peg water at the same time .

On arrival at the venue it looked a lot different from my last visit with more vegetation and a lot bigger than i last remembered , their is three waters on the complex which are ;

Merlins 50 peg double canal .

Gwens 25 peg canal

Bessies 72 peg s canal .

If looks where anything to go by then it would be up their with the likes of Partridge lakes , with it being very well maintained and the only things missing would be ;

Food wagon .

Bigger car park .

Access to bottom of the lakes with the car because it can be a long walk to some pegs on here .

More information about it on the internet especially open matches , maybe its own web site .

Their was a club match taking place on the central arms of Bessies and i would be interested too here how they get on , the stretch i wanted to fish wasn't in the match which was good and on walking around to that side a young lad was fishing so i had a quick word with him about what to expect and how it was fishing . He said that he was catching the odd fish mainly carp or f1s around the 10oz mark and after hearing that and seeing lots of people playing fish at the same time during the match i was eager to get started .

With the wind blowing towards the car park which can be problematic on here and the fact i didn't fancy a long walk i choose peg four which looked just as good as all the others , it was about 15m or 16m tight across with some mud banks to target when fishing in that area . The margins are well matured with reeds and it looked like the lake is a good six inch down on its usual depth and it could do with with another good down pour even after this mornings thunder storm .

I decided to target the usual three areas on a snake lake ;

Bottom near shelf ,using 0.4 paste float with 0.14 garbo line attached to a size 14 turbertini hook with 11 hollo elastic .

Bottom far shelf , using 0.3 float with 0.14 garbo line attached to a size 18 gamma pellet and paste hook with 11 hollo elastic .

Tight across , using 0.2 float with 0.14 garbo line attached to a size 18 f1 hook with a micro band and 11 hollo elastic .

The limited information i could find was the fact it was paste or pellet doing the damage in matches so that's what i concentrated on ;

Swim stim paste

Tiger fish jelly pellets 6mm

Hard tiger fish pellets 4mm

Expanders 4mm

On plumbing up i found 4ft depth on both slopes and 1ft tight across , i started on my near shelf with paste its some thing that im not very good at using but could do with the practice and if i found it to hard going then i would change to pellets . It took me five minutes to get the float set right and even a novice paste angler like me was soon getting a fish or missed bite a chuck all stockies and odd f1 some pushing 3lb , it became that easy that i tried getting the fish in quicker to see how many i could get in thirty minutes which turned out to be 18 fish for around 20lb and they even began taking the paste on the drop.

I was still missing lots of bites so i tried pellet on the same line but still kept feeding little balls of paste because i think they were coming to the plop of the bait hitting the water, to my amazement this only picked up a smaller stamp of f1 or skimmer and if they were present in numbers it could explain why i was missing so many bites , i went back on paste to see what happened and i was straight back into the bigger stockies . After catching 35 fish in two hours i decided to see how i could catch on pellets along the far shelf and on plumbing up i found that the shelf strangely started at 12m so that's were i started still at 4ft deep .

Kicked off by medium potting in a cup full off hard 4mm tiger fish pellets and went over the top with a 6mm jelly pellet in the same flavor , as before it didn't take long before i began getting bites and was soon into fish which looked like a bigger stamp but bites took longer All off five minutes , i kept feeding a large kinder pot after every fish to keep them in my swim as i over heard from the club match that they would only get a bite after feeding , by the way their club match was won with 98lb and 60lb back up weights .

It started getting colder, the wind got up and it looked like rain so i set my self a sixty fish target which i managed on the stroke of 6pm so after four hours i had around 70lb of fish not bad from my first visit . Just as i began packing up i noticed that my 11 holllo on one of my top kits had nearly been cut through near the dacron connector and that has happened twice in the last two weeks , don't know if its the amount of fish i have caught this year or the sunny weather but three top kits will need replacing by the weekend .

Didn't get chance to fish tight across but when packing my car i spied a lad fishing from my club on another stretch of Bessies so went over for a chat and he was getting one a bung tight across on soft pellet although they seemed smaller , on reflection you can catch from any were using any method but on the opens they tend to fish tight across all the time so it might fish different in match conditions and they may not come that close in Only time will tell . As a side note apart from the club match their was only another four people fishing not good for a mid week afternoon in the summer holidays definatley bad advertising on the owners part .

The Sunday opens get well attended so it is another viable option from fishing Partridge lakes or Sycamore fisheries but like i said earlier their isn't much information about it so it might be one of them waters were its a tightly knit affair if you know what i mean . Going to go back on Friday because my mate is eager to give it a try before Sundays club match , so will have to think of another method to give a whirl on their Maybe shallow ?