peg 12 . August 4th

Well here we go again and another club match was upon me , but this was probably the last one i wanted to fish out of the eleven matches because i never seem to get to grips with these big open water venues and last year on here i only managed 12lb . As per usual i couldn't find much information on Orrcherton house so i went down on the Wednesday to watch the weigh in of the open match and their seemed to be some good catches spread all over the lake , the point pegs dominated with the pellet waggler but lots were doing well using the straight lead and fishing the margins especially the pegs with the wind blowing into it . I had a plan in mind and needed the all important good peg .

Arrived at the venue at 815 after getting held up by the Wigan Iron man competition and with the help of a club member who attends the open matches on here did the pegging so hopefully no moaning this week fingers crossed , began the draw at nine but with one angler still making his way here i decided to let him have the last peg in the bag . When it came to my turn for the pick flyer peg one on the point was still their but this week for once my drawing arm let me down and i ended up with peg 12 , but to be fair i did end up in the easiest section with the wind blowing into my face .

My plan for the day was quite simple with three lines to target ;

6m line , where it was 5ft deep my line was 0.16 garbo line attached to a 0.14 hook length , float was a 0.4 scone float with a bulk and dropper shotting pattern , hook was a size 16 . elastic is preston 13 hollo set soft and i intended to fish this for the first hour .

25m line ,3/4 oz straight lead with a 6lb hook length attached to a size 14 hook and bait band . going to use this with a pva bag full of 6mm hard pellets this was ment to be my main line of attack for the most of the match .

top kit , where it was 2ft deep my line was 0.16 garbo line direct to a size 16 hook the float was 0.4 middy with a bulk set mid depth and the elastic was preston 13 hollo set pingy . I planned to fish this in the last hour for some big lumps .

My bait was a bit more confusing ;

Worm half kilo

casters one pint

thirty pva bags of 6mm hard pellets

two pints 6mm hard pellets

tub pop up boilies

tub semi bouant band ums

8mm hard pellets various flavors

As the all in sounded i went to my 6m line with a big cupping kit full of worm , caster and 6mm pellets because apparently this is a venue which responds well to plenty of bait going in , i also decided that because of the depth kinder potting was out of the question as it would only bring the fish off the deck . I went over the top with half a worm and it wasn't long before i began getting indications , in the first hour it went well with the odd big bream and barbel coming to the net and every time i began getting middered by small silvers i re feed another big pot . All the time i had been feeding 6mm pellets on my straight lead line , the wind had got a bit stronger which meant trying to reach that distance with my normal catty was out of the question but luckily i had my really strong catty in my bag .

I was confident that my straight lead line would work really well especially with the added twist of the pva bag and semi buoyant band um pellet , i began getting liners but my only positive indication came after twenty minutes un fortunately this came off on the way in because some how my hook had got trapped under the bait band . No matter what i put on the hook or where about i cast it around my peg no more bites was forth coming in the next hour .

I had been topping up my 6m line every half hour with a big pot of worm, caster and pellets while i was on the tip and went back on this line while i pondered on why my straight lead hadn't worked , it wasn't as prolific as my first hour but i did catch a 4lb bream which made a dolphin like bid for freedom and some small f1s . Another try on the straight lead didn't produce anything and my match was starting to drift away from me , with only ninety minutes left my only other option was the margin so i began feeding on my top kit to my right hand side tight to the rushes with 6mm pellets , went over the top with a tiger fish soft pellet and began catching silvers and small f1s first .

Changed hook bait for a full worm ,it went quiet and i was a bit unsure why but i soon found out when i hooked and landed a carp around 4lb not a bad start and another one soon followed before the small fish returned , putting in another big pot produced a couple of big skimmers before i hooked something big which bottomed out my elastic and i couldn't attach my other pole sections before the hook pulled . I knew that it would cost me the section especially when the lad to my left landed a carp of around 8lb near the end and i pulled out of another 4lb bream on the whistle which lay on the surface tantalizingly out of reach of the landing net.

It looked like the weathermen had got it right for a change because when i started the weigh in the heavens opened ;

Section A , was won from peg one with 76lb including a 15lb carp on the all out .

Section B , was won from peg nine with 37lb consisting off nearly 300 silvers ,34lb got second and i had 31lb for third in the section and as i thought lost fish cost me any chance of picking up any points today .

Section C , was won from peg 26 with 61lb and it was a close run thing with 57lb coming off the next peg .

Overall it turned out to be a good match with some nice weights coming out and another different winner that's 8 out of 8 so far this season , he has also caught the biggest weight , my match was another if only with lost fish costing me the section but you cant fish the perfect match all the time and im still puzzled at why my banker straight lead didn't work today a good start and finish but bad middle of the match . My next club match is at Blundells ash pool some where i tend to do very well on with the plentifully head of big ide and carp .

Still top of the league by five points but their snapping at my heels because i haven't picked up any points from the last two matches , hope i can turn it around before the next club match .