14th August ,peg 36

After a hard morning at work the last thing i fancied doing was going fishing , but after i had agreed to take my mate for some big carp which isn't really my style because i like being busy getting lots of bites but it will make a change . So off we headed to Holbar and hopefully peg 36 was free so i could try too banish a few demons from my last visit here in the Maver Match This qualifier were to be honest i got my arse kicked on both sides and struggled to catch .

On arrival at Partridge lakes we made our way round to the back of the complex in the car to where Holbar is situated and their was a lot of cars present presumably from the OAP match taking place on Covey . Before we un loaded the car we went to have a look and see which pegs were available , thank fully the one i wanted was free , the wind was also blowing into this side too which would hopefully encourage the carp to feed along this margin . Their was a lot of carp anglers on but they all seemed to be targeting the islands which was scattered all around the lake , i had a couple of methods that i wanted to concentrate on and these where ;

Straight lead , 6lb maver genisis main line attached to a 3\4 ounce bomb , with a 6lb hook length and a 16 hook with a bait band .

Margin , 0.4 scone float with 0.15 garbo line straight through to a size 14 hook , elastic is black hydro .

I had a variety of baits on my side tray ;

4mm tiger nut hard pellets

pva bags with 6mm tiger nut hard pellets

tiger nut semi bouant band ums

tiger nut soft hook pellets

small tub worms

small tub meat and corn

At 130 i was ready to start i had noticed a couple of carp role in front of the next peg so i had a quick chuck their with my straight lead with a pva bag and tiger nut bandum on the hook , i had a few liners but no proper bites were forth coming in the next thirty minutes , so i decided to have a look in the channel between the two islands which was a thirty meter cast and see if that area would produce anything , while i set up my margin pole and i was starting to set this up when my tip flew round and after a short fight a big fat f1 of around 4lb was in the net , not a bad start to the day .


While my tip rod was out of the water i took the opportunity to finish sorting out my margin rig , i had planned on fishing the tip for the first hour and then my margin for the remainder of the session and after an hour of in activity even after casting all around my peg no more bites where forth coming so i made the switch to the pole . I had been loose feeding my margin with pellets all the first hour so i expected at least some sort of indication on my first put in and i wasn't disappointed because i had lots of liners but they didn't want to eat the soft pellet on the hook , this was confirmed when i first lost a foul hooked carp which bottomed out my black hydro then on my very next drop i landed an 8lb carp which was hooked in the fin .

A re think regarding bait was in order so i had a walk round to my mate to see how he was getting on and when i got their he was in the process off landing his new personal best carp of 11lb 8oz , which he had caught using double sweet corn and while i was their i spied a tub of worms so i pinched them to try in my margin swim .

When i got back to my peg i fed a big pot of pellets and went over the top with a medium sized full worm making sure to slap it on the water first to stun the worm and stop it wriggling because you usually get better bites on dead worms for some reason , this worked a treat and my float was only in for five minutes before i was attached to a hard fighting mirror of 7lb 4oz . After the disturbance of its capture i re fed another big pot of pellets and went back over the top with a worm on the hook to my amazement my float never settled and i landed another mirror carp almost identical to the last except it was 2oz heavier . When i was thinking it might be a rare red letter day my swim died and thinking about it i was probably asking too much for it to keep on going under because i was after big carp not the usual f1s i like catching .

Another re feed was in order and then i went back on the straight lead while i let it settle , this time i cast towards the edge of the island and after twenty minutes my tip pulled round and another big 4lb f1 was in the net , my next cast resulted in a 5lb common carp which was round like a football and had a humped back definitely not a good looking fish although it did put up a nice fight .

I noticed a swirl on my margin line and that was all the encouragement i required to pick up my pole , i dropped in my rig with double worm on the hook and after a couple of liners my pole was nearly ripped out of my hands with a big fish making its way to the island bottoming out my black hydro in the process , luckily i managed to get it under control and after a nice fight a double figure carp managed to fit in my landing net and it weighed 12lb 2oz un fortunately i couldn't get a picture because my phone died on me .

After getting my breath back i had another look in the margin and after a twenty minute wait i landed another 7lb carp before my swim died on me again , i made the decision to try feeding chopped worm with the pellets and this turned out to be a big mistake as i began getting pestered by small 4oz perch taking a full worm , so a change of bait was in order until the perch left my swim i put a piece of corn on the hook but this only produced the odd big roach and when i tried meat i did get a couple of big f1s but no more carp came my way .

It began to look like rain so we called it a day at 6pm and i ended up with six nice carp with the biggest being 12lb but most between seven and eight pound , another six big f1s around the four pound mark and as it turned out not a bad four hours fishing even if i didn't really fancy going today . Off to Blundells on Sunday for the latest round of club matches , only the three remain so i can only hope i get the section win i need to keep a head of the chasing pack .