18th August , peg 52

Its getting down to the last couple of club matches and i really need to get back picking up some section points , after really struggling and being a bit un lucky for the last few matches . Today we was off to Blundells ash pool in Warrington and after not fishing it since last seasons club match where i managed third with thirty pound of ide caught in the last two hours ,i was looking to find some information about the venue but after speaking to a few people i was surprised to here that ash pool had suffered a recent fish kill losing lots of big carp due to in sufficient oxygen levels , this was also confirmed when i went for my bait at my local tackle shop and with this information i decided to target the ide .

When we got to the fishery their was matches on every lake , i went to sort out the pegging and on getting back to the car park nearly every one was present , we had a few no shows today which meant their was only seventeen fishing on the nineteen peg water , i wanted to leave the end pegs out but was talked into leaving them all in and when it came to my turn i pulled out number 52 an ideal area to target the ide with it being in the center of the stretch and i even had an empty peg to my left .

On getting to my peg i had a couple of areas that i intended to target ;

Margin , 0.16 garbo line direct to a size 14 hook , with black hydro elastic .

8m deck , 0.6 scone float with olivete and two droppers , 0.14 garbo line with a 0.12 hook length and size 18 hook , with matrix size 10 elastic .

8m shallow ,0.3 preston chianti float with spread shotting pattern , 0.14 garbo line to a size 18 hook , with a matrix size 10 elastic .

14m shallow ,0.2 matrix float with mid bulk shotting pattern , 0.14 garbo line to a size 18 hook with a micro bait band , preston 13 hollo elastic .

My bait was ;

two pints casters

one pint soaked micro with a touch of swim stim

6mm hard tiger fish pellets

one pint 4mm meat

After plumbing up i was surprised to find it to be only six foot at eight meter and im sure it was deeper last year , i did have a plumb around to try and find the sunken bar but even after going out to sixteen meter i couldn't find it , so i concentrated at fishing eight meter . My other rig for this line was an on the drop rig set up for catching ide at four feet and it had a very short three inch lash which would enable me to go even shallower if i needed to follow the ide about the depths .I had a patch of lilies to my left and this is where i planned to fish the margin with meat it was only three foot deep here .

At ten am the all in sounded i fed a big pot of casters and went over the top with my deck rig at eight meter , i began loose feeding casters with the catty every thirty seconds trying to draw the ide into my peg , it would have been easier to feed by hand but the wind was blowing in my face so i couldn't get the accuracy required . I was waiting for some sort of indication on the float showing that the ide had arrived , but the first hour went without a touch . The guy to my left had a big carp within the first ten minutes of the match fishing shallow on the pole at 21m !!!! but that was his only fish and bite and it soon became apparent it was going to be a very hard match .

I wasn't too worried that i hadn't caught in the first hour because it can take a while for the ide to turn up , in the second hour i picked up my shallow rig to search the upper layers but still no bites and i decided to try a cube of meat which would fall slower in the water . Twenty minutes of using this and i was on the verge of going back on the deck when my float did a little dip and a slight lift saw my orange matrix elastic shoot out across the water , this was no ide and i was attached briefly to a big carp before the hook pulled out when i got it to the top kit not good .

The lad two pegs to my left was catching the odd carp on the method feeder casting really tight to the island and as we were now in the third fish less hour , i decided to follow suit but with my pellet feeder which im more confident in using. It took a couple of chucks to set the line clip and my first proper cast clipped the reeds perfect , i began getting liners from the start and ten minutes later my tip pulled round and after a spirited fight i had finally got some thing to put in the net a near 7lb carp , which was what turned out to be my only fish of the match .

While i was fishing the tip i had been feeding both my margin with meat and my eight meter line with casters , the far bank completely died on every one and no body could buy a bite . So i had a quick look on my margin swim but ten minutes with out a bite was all i needed before i changed to try my eight meter line again , both on the deck and up in the water . This produced nothing either so i spent the last thirty minutes back on the feeder with only a couple of liners to show for it .

When the all out sounded i was relieved to call time on an awfully hard match , it was surprising to find that no ide had come out today for anyone and only four silvers from seventeen people fishing .I don't know whats going on with the water but it sure isn't fishing right at the moment .

Section A 16LB 5OZ , peg 42 made up of three carp

SECTION B 28LB 11OZ . peg 50 made up of five carp

SECTION C 19LB 11OZ , peg 57 made up of four carp

In my section apart from the over all match winner we had four people with one carp each and luckily for me mine weighed the heaviest by only 4 oz , so i finally put some points on the board to stay a head of the pack by three points and with only two matches remaining it looks like going down to the wire .

What did i learn ;

Should have started on the tip when the fish where crashing along the far bank in the first two hours .

A few people caught carp by filling it in with dead maggots on the four meter line in the last hour .

Overall i set my stall out for the ide and for some reason they didn't show today .

The carp that did come out where big all over 5lb .

Carp were cruising near the end and i should have tried dapping for them , but not confident in doing that yet .

Off to Rosemary wood next Sunday on Island pool , hope that fishes better than here .