Rivi view peg 3 . 1st September

Well here it was the final club match of the season and could i get the points required to win the club league Of course i can ,although i made very hard work of achieving it as you will find out later .

I woke up to find it over cast ,cold and windy which would hopefully get the carp feeding on the deck and stop the floating pole being dominate on the island pegs. I was the first to arrive at the venue and had a chat with Paul the owner who said it had been fishing well but the recent cold weather might mean lower weights and as you will find out he was right .

I went round to do the pegging and as we were expecting 18 today with a few anglers missing due to illness and working shifts , i decided on three sections of six with the best pegs on the lake being near the island on the high numbers so i put six pegs along their to try and stop them running away with the match . The other six peg section was in the open water as you get on to the lake three on each side of the lake and this left lots of space towards the bottom of the lake for the final section because it wasn’t great down that end although the wind was blowing that way . To my mind this was the best and fairest way to peg it but it still didn’t stop people moaning after drawing bad today .

Everyone was early and in an up beat mood with it being the last match of the season , so we did the draw and one by one all the best pegs was going and finally it came to me and the last ball in the bag was peg three or perminate peg five . Not a bad place to be with lots of open water to go at , on the down side i did have a couple of good anglers to contend with but my main challenger wasn’t one of them thankfully .

After Thursdays venture on here i had hopefully sorted a few things out and was keen to get started ;

13m this was to be my main line of attack using meat on the hook and feeding hemp , corn to hopefully keep the fish routing about on the bottom , it was further out than i had fished in practice because i thought the bank side disturbance might have made the fish back off . on plumbing up i found it to be 6ft deep and with it being windy i used a 0.6 scone float for more stability a few inch over depth , i used 0.15 garbo line and a 0.14 hook length to a size 16 hook because i was expecting to catch mainly carp , barbel and the odd skimmer

4m this was to be my paste line for the final two hours of the match , i used a scone paste float and as it was 4ft deep it was a 0.4 gram one , line was to be 0.15 garbo straight through to a size 12 hook because their are some big carp in here my elastic was 13 hollo .

pellet waggler , 11ft drennon red pellet rod with 6lb maver genisis main line , a 4 gram middy pellet waggler and 0.14 hook length with a size 16 hook with a micro band attached .

pellet feeder , 9ft maver reactor lite feeder rod with 6lb maver genisis main line , a preston pellet feeder because im not confident in using method feeders yet , a 0.14 hook length with a size 16 qm1 hook with a micro band attached .


meat 1 pint 4mm cubed , coated in krill powder

paste half pint , tiger fish one to one paste

pellets pint 4mm hard tiger fish pellets and pint of soaked micros

hemp and corn one pint

As the all in sounded at ten i put in two medium pots of meat , hemp and corn at 11m and went over the top with a piece of 4mm meat on the hook , i kept lifting and dropping to try to entice a bite . I began getting indications but couldn’t hit any and it wasn’t the proper bites like i had on Thursday , i changed my shotting pattern to allow for a slower fall of the meat and this worked to some extent but only small skimmers where coming my way .The lads on the other pegs either side of me were struggling too , but the others on the far bank seemed to be doing well especially the guy fishing the mong rig shallow and they also had the benefit of the ripple on the water .

With nothing really happening on my pole line and with the wind blowing off my back i decided on a few chucks with the pellet waggler towards the aerator thirty meters away and i am not the best at fishing this but i felt that i would need to get on the edge of the wind to get a bite shallow , i began feeding 6mm pellets twice every minute and re casting every two minutes , after a while i began getting the odd bite that i kept missing presumably from roach and i had to get it right at the side of the aerator to get any sort of indication and of course it wasn’t long before i got snagged up on it losing the lot so that went up the bank .

Another try on the pole produced nothing and i had really wanted to leave my margin paste line for the last hour , so i gave the pellet feeder a whirl i was still casting towards the aerator every five minutes and i began getting lots of liners so i knew that fish was in the area , after twenty minutes i had a 1lb skimmer in the net quickly followed by a 3lb carp but as soon as they turned up they had gone and i was left wondering why ! ! ! All the time the lad facing me was bagging up on carp and i was now fishing for second in the section , we was fast approaching the fourth hour and i had no option but to go on my margin line sooner than i planned .

I had been cupping in 4mm pellets every thirty minutes like i had done in practice and first drop i began getting indications , it wasn’t long before it buried and after a hard scrap an 8lb carp was in the net before a few more smaller fish followed Nice start . I then had a spell of foul hooked fish in the tail which i managed to get in and it was probably down to their being a lot of fish in the swim so i cut out the pellets and only feed the hook paste .

This i think worked because my next two fish were carp approaching double figures and in the fourth hour i had put 30lb in the net proper bagging , un fortunately a carp ploughed straight through my paste swim which resulted in my swim dying on me and when they did come back the bites where now little dinks and not the proper gazunders like before , maybe the skimmers had moved although i never caught any ?

Before the all out i had another lump and a smaller carp and i found the best way to catch them was to drop the paste in on the slope and then drag it up the near side shelf slightly and as the whistle went i was unsure if i had done enough .

To be honest as i was packing up it felt like any other match and not one that would decided the league winner , word reached me that my main challenger had struggled in his section and if that was the case i would win any way because he had to do better than me . We weighed my half of the section first which i won with 41lb before leaving the other half on the other bank to try and add a bit of extra tension , but when we got to my main challenger he had to beat 24lb which my apprentice had to get in the points but he only put 15lb on the scales so that was it the leadership was mine .

Section A 77lb , peg 18

Section B 32lb , peg 5

Section C 28lb , peg 12

A hard thought match with some nice weights and a run away winner , my match was very patchy and this week my main line of attack didn’t work out but my back up plan did which was a relief , only wish i could get them both to work then i would definatley be winning more matches which i think my fishing deserves. By the way i finished second in my section and second in the match overall , but their was no way i could catch the winner after giving him such a head start .

Not sure if i deserve to win overall because at the start of the league i fished well but it tailed off in the middle before picking up towards the end and i finally scraped over the line . Unlike the winter league last year when i think i fished really well all the time , but of course it doesn’t always go like that and it hasn’t really sunk in yet and probably wont till i pick up the trophy because it is my biggest fishing achievement so far in my match fishing . Got a month to kill before it all starts again with my autumn – winter league in October and going to have a week off match fishing before i go back on to the partridge lakes open matches .