Peg 36 Rowans , Sept 23rd

Well my deserved week off work had finally come round and after not being able to get on the bank for the last fortnight , i was raring to get going and catch some fish , i fancied an easy day with lots of bites to get back in the grove and seeing as though Sycamore fishery is on my door step , plus the fact that i hadn’t been their for a while this is where i decided to go .

Arrived at the complex at 9 am and after having a quick chat with Phil the owner about how it had been fishing in the recent matches and every one knows that the corner pegs are best on here but i didn’t want to make it to easy for me so i wondered round to the far side and settled in on one of my favorite pegs number 36 . I had two areas to target today and fortunately it was the same depth so only one rig would be needed ;

13 m + 4 m

Set my rig 3 ft deep and plumbed up around my peg to find this depth , my float was a malmans speedy 4×12 and the line was 0.12 to a 0.10 with a size 20 gamma pellet hook . shotting pattern was a 1 cm spread bulk starting above the hook length . my elastic was matrix orange size 10 .

My bait was a mixture of pellets and maggots as i was unsure which was working best on here at the moment ;

normal expander

white expander

red maggots

soaked micros

crushed expander ground bait

At 10 am i was ready to get started and decided to go on my 13 m swim first while i primed my 4 m line by loose feeding a dozen maggots every five minutes , i fed a big kinder pot full of micros and ground bait and went over the top with an expander, after altering the shotting pattern on my new malman speedy float it took around ten minutes of lifting , dropping and feeding before i had my first carp which was over the 1 lb mark and it looked like the fish in here have had a growth spurt since i last fished it . Sport on this line wasn’t hectic but ten carp in the first hour plus some small tench wasn’t bad and i found that by letting my float settle to a pimple before pushing it up the slope slightly produced a fairly instant bite , but on the down side i couldn’t lift and drop the rig like i normally do .

After an hour i decided to try my 4 m line to my right where i had been loose feeding maggots every five minutes and i got an instant response with some stockies and f1s up to 2 lb coming to the net , they did seem bigger on this line but my frequent feeding had got them off the bottom and i was getting lots of line bites . I kind of solved this by feeding heavier but not as often and i was still catching well but wanted to try something a little different .

So i went for a chat with my mate who was fishing a couple of pegs further down on peg 38 , he was also fishing 4 m but with pellet and was doing OK catching as fast as i was but all his fish where mainly carp or f1s . While i was their i altered his rig to show more positive bites and also sorted his bait out to make it more appealing to the fish , but this was detrimental to my day as you will find out later .

When i got back to my peg i decided to make a new swim to my left at 4m , where i would concentrate on just using pellets , it didn’t take long before i was back into the carp and i got into a nice rhyum of get a bite then feed and this increased my catch rate , in fact my peg was getting stronger and stronger . Me and my mate had decided to see how many we could catch in today’s session and he was one solitary fish in front after three hours with 38 carp , with it fast approaching the last forty minutes and i needed a run of fish to over take him .

So i decided to increase the amount of feed and this got way to many fish in the peg because line bites where awful, every time i lowered my rig in my float where dancing every were and the fish i did catch where foul hooked . When we called time on the days fishing i had 43 carp – f1s and my mate had increased his lead by four , although i had caught a lot more tench and a couple of barbel so our weight was about the same today .

It was a very good days fishing for the time of year and i didn’t really think that the fish would have been crawling up the pole like they had today , although i got a bit giddy towards the end with the feed which brought far too many fish in the swim . Off to fish Gwens at Hall lane tomorrow and hope that fishes as well as today .