Sept 24th , peg 4 on Gwens canal

Day two of my week off and the fishing destination today was to be Gwens canal at Hall lane fishery , i choose to fish here because i haven’t been here for over a year and as i have got a match coming up on here soon . I managed to get here a bit early today despite the longish drive from my house and on arrival at 830 am their was surprisingly a few people already present , word must have got out just how well the complex was fishing and the recent open match on Bessies was won with 180 lb .

I had wanted to fish in the middle stretch of the canal but their was already some people fishing it and also some one down the more prolific bottom end which was a long walk , i became a bit stumped on where exactly i should pick to fish today and finally settled on peg 4 in what i thought was a poorer area but on the plus side the wind was blowing this way , so maybe that would make it a bit better .

It was still a bit cold and the wind was a bit gusty so i decided not to fish tight across to the far bank just yet and settled on a more comfortable 13 m , where it was 4 foot deep and i could also use this rig for my top four line later in the session this cut down on my setting up time and i managed to get fishing for 9 am ,


I plumbed up to find 4ft on both shelf’s and used a malmans speedy 4×14 float with a spread 1 inch bulk , 0.12 main line to a 0.10 hook length with a size 18 garbo pellet and paste hook , elastic was matrix size 10 orange .

My bait was the usual ;

1 pint maggots

1/2 pint micros

1/2 pint crushed expander ground bait

I potted in some micro and crushed expander with a medium sized kinder pot and then went over the top with an expander , it took only ten minutes of lifting and dropping before i was into a 1 lb carp , a few more followed quickly but i then began getting little indications on the float which turned out to be small f1s – crucians about 4 oz a piece . They were nice looking fish and they was coming thick and fast , at one point i had six red colored koi carp one after the other which wouldn’t have looked out of place in my fish tank .

I had been loose feeding maggots on my four meter line for an hour so decided to give that a go and yet again i had a quick run of carp up to 3 lb before the small crucians – f1s returned , which seemed a bit strange to me because i always thought that the big fish should bully the small ones and not the other way around , maybe it was down to my feeding pattern or that their was just too many 4 oz fish in my peg who knows ?

I did go back onto my 13 m line but the fish had moved on , so i decided to have some thing to eat while i pondered on my next step , i plumbed up a new swim at 6 m for in the channel and hopped that the bigger carp would be their .


Plumbed up in the channel to find 6 ft deep and used a 4×16 malmans speedy float with a bulk and two droppers , 0.12 main line to a 0.10 hook length with a size 18 gamma pellet hook , i had size 10 orange matrix elastic .

I started off by feeding a ball of micro-ground bait squeezed quite hard to get it to the bottom in the deeper water and the same thing happened like in the last two swims , i had half a dozen decent carp and then the small f1s – crucians returned in numbers . I decided to see just how quick i could catch them and managed twenty in thirty minutes for about 5lb , in fact they were coming so fast i couldn’t get my pellet to the bottom and had to resort to using my 4 ft rig to keep the fish coming which was 2 ft off the deck , so maybe it could be practical in a match situation and i did also have a few bonus 1 lb fish mixed in with them .

The wind had dropped a little and the sun had come out to warm the shallow water along the far bank , so i made the decision to give this ago for my last hour .


plumbed up to find 1,5 ft deep and used a 0.2 matrix float with a spread bulk , 0.12 garbo line to a size 18 gamma pellet hook , elastic was matrix orange elastic .

I began by catapulting maggots in at 16 m and laid my rig in on the drop style and my first fish was also the biggest fish off the day which was a 3 lb mirror carp , i also began catching some chub – golden orfe p to the 1 lb mark . I changed my feeding to using a medium kinder pot with 3/4 full of maggots and 1/4 of micros , this seemed to concentrate the fish into one area of the swim and i proceeded to have a run of carp around the 1 lb mark .

When the bites began to slow down i re fed with the catty again which brought the fish back and by the end of the session every time i shipped out a chub or orfe took the double maggot before i could even empty my kinder pot !!! At 2 pm i had to call an end to the day which was a shame because i was enjoying my self but i had to pick my lad up fro school , i ended the day with 24 carp between 1 lb and 3 lb and at least sixty silvers for a total weight of around 50 lb in five hours .

A lot to think about after today’s session and although a have got my first autumn – winter league on here in October and unless it stays un seasonally warm then i am not to sure how good the practice will prove to be , but at least their is lots of small fish present which should guarantee plenty bites on the day .