As soon as my youngest sees two sunny days back to back she asks 'when are you taking me fishing' to my usual reply of 'as soon as daddy's got time'. She hears the same excuse time after time and I feel guilty too as she is showing interest in my favorite hobby.
Anyway I decided today was the day (Monday) to take her. She was thrilled to say the least, and asked to take her friend across the street. I know whats going through your minds... Two kids = 2 X trouble lol. But I was confident in the way we were going to fish (pole) and her pal is a great kid too.

We set off mid-morning only 5 mins from my home to Rookery fishery Cambs, and arrived at Jay lake (bit like any snake lake you've seen) and set up on a corner peg with the breeze blowing into it. There was a chap fishing two pegs away already and could see he was getting the odd bit.

Whilst the kids were taking shade under a brolly I set up my gear....yes you heard right my gear! and decided to fish at 6mts in 5 feet of water on the deck. after a pot full of groundbait and pellets I started with meat on the hook (of course I was going to get some fishing in lol) and immediately got two 8oz pasties. Time for the kids to have a go...for safety I put bait on, landed and unhooked as we went on (better safe than sorry). And so not to get bored the kids would rotate after 5 fish each... which seemed fair.

My girl went 1st and wasn't long before the float dipped, shot under and some brown goldfish type thingy was in the net. This repeated itself with the next 4 put-ins a bit too quick. So changed the rule to 10 fish each(bit like musical chairs if I didn't). Time for pal to have a go and she listened very well and soon enough was catching too.

It was getting hot so fished under the brolly to make it more comfortable. This carried on until when putting the top section on we had a fish on before shipping out (I know its happened to all of you too) so I set up a shallow rig 18" deep to try myself. It didn't have time to settle before the float buried and small carp came to the net. So the other rig went away and shallow would be the choice. I fed small bits of riddled meat, prepared some expanders for the hook and the kids were swapping seats like mad. The bites were coming every put in and not even letting the float settle. So I put on a hook length only and this was even better with confident bites hooking themselves against the pole tip.

Although I was helping, the kids were putting this bloke on the next peg to shame and could see him glaring over from time to time lol. I couldn't understand why he didn't changed tactics and follow suit, as he could see what we were doing. But you see it all the time in matches people sticking to their game plan, watching others bag up then coming nowhere. It takes a better matchman when he sees someone catching and change tactics than one who doesn't.

Anyway the heat took its toll on the kids, even though under the brollies and drinking plenty it was time to go home. The kids had a great time catching brown goldfish, koi, mirrors and even one hungry 2lb tench up in the water. I'm not sure what weight we had, but wouldn't mind it in any club match! It was a breeze taking the kids and will do it more often now the weather is better.