I took a friends son fishing, not his first time but all his last outings have been fishless!
We went to Rookery waters in Pidley and decided on Jay lake as he was sure of fish.
I showed him how to set up a float rod, feeder and pole. How to plumb the depth and generally when to use each method.
This way of showing someone from scratch is not easy and it is helped by showing and explaining the do's and dont's. He watched as I explained groundbaiting, feeding and types of hookbaits.
As I caught from each method I would give him a go and would correct and encourage him as he learned.
Lots of carp, tench and roach were being netted and fish welfare was being brought into the lesson. After a couple of hours he was casting, feeding and even landing some scrappy carp on his own. We ended the afternoon and his face was a picture. He seemed to pick up the basics very well and is keen to fish again.
As I packed away the gear I made a very bad error ! I stood up and stepped to one side to show the lad where to stand so not to get in the way. When I stepped back the wind had blown my top 3 section on the floor, I didnt see it but certainly heard it crack as I stood on the ! It was now crushed and useless.
He was shocked and thought he was to blame, but I laughed it off and told him it was my fault.
To make less of it I said I had another section spare at home so not to worry (I dont really !!!)
Anyway lots of lessons today (even for me).
P.S. anyone selling a spare top 3 for a MAP concept match please PM me